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Sunday 17 December 2017

Ninoy Aquino International Airport MIAA: List of Cancelled Flights for today, 17 December 2017.

Manila International Airport - Cancelled flights due to Tropical Depression “Urduja” as of 1200H.

There are Total: of 62 cancelled flights.  See the full list below:
5J 321/322 Manila-Legazpi-Manila
5J 821/822 Manila-Virac-Manila
5J 901/902 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
5J 905/906 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
5J 891/892 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
5J 375/376 Manila-Roxas-Manila
5J 895/896 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
5J 899/900 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
DG 6031/6032 Manila-San Jose-Manila
DG 6111/6112 Manila-Naga-Manila
DG 6041/6042 Manila-Busuanga-Manila
DG 6055/6056 Manila-Busuanga-Manila
DG 6113/6114 Manila-Naga-Manila
DG 6117/6118 Manila-Naga-Manila
DG 6177/6178 Manila-Masbate-Manila
DG 6073/6074 Manila-Tablas-Manila
2P 2981/2982 Manila-Tacloban-Manila
2P 2203/2204 Manila-Roxas-Manila
2P 2921/2922 Manila-Legazpi-Manila
2P 2043/2044 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
2P 2041/2042 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
2P 2053/2054 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
2P 2031/2032 Manila-Busuanga-Manila
Z2 715/716 Manila-Kalibo-Manila
Z2 711/712 Manila-Kalibo-Manila
Z2 709/710 Manila-Kalibo-Manila
Z2 219/220 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
Z2 221/222 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
Z2 223/224 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
M8 715/716 Manila-Busuanga-Manila
*Additional as of 1200H
*5J 339/340 Manila-Kalibo-Manila
5J - Cebu Pacific
DG – CebGo
2P – PAL Express
Z2 – AirAsia Zest
M8 - SkyJet
*Recently Added

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