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Monday 22 June 2015

National Government Downladable Forms

SSS Downlodable Forms Direct Download


Registration and Membership


Member Forms

Personal Data Record
Member's Data Change Request
Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) Card Application Form
Non-working Spouse Record
Self-Employed Data Record
Overseas Worker Record
Kasambahay Unified Registration Form

Employer-Member Forms

Employer Registration Form
Employment Report
Employer Data Change Request
Employer Registration Plate
Household Employer Unified Registration Form
Household Employment Unified Report Form

Application for Special Programs

Cooperative Accreditation as Servicing/Collecting Agent
Sickness and Maternity Benefits Payment thru the Bank Form


Contribution Collection List
Contributions Payment Return
Contributions Payment Form
Miscellaneous Payment Return
Auto-Debit Arrangement Enrollment Form
Auto-Debit Arrangement Amendment Form

Member Loans

Member Loan Application (Typhoon Mario)
Salary Loan Application
Member Loan Payment Return
Real Estate Loan Payment Return
Housing Loan Moratorium Form
Educational Assistance Loan Program
Application for Subsequent Release of Educational Assistance Loan
Application for Direct House Repair and/or Improvement Loan

Benefit Applications

Application for Assistance Due to Calamity/Disaster (Typhoon Mario)
DDR Application Form under Portability LawCertification

Sickness Benefit

Sickness Notification Form
Sickness Reimbursement Form
Sickness Benefit Application Form (for Unemployed/Self-Employed/Voluntary)
Medical Certificate

Maternity Benefit

Maternity Notification
Maternity Reimbursement

Retirement Benefit

Retirement Claim
Affidavit of Separation from Employment

Disability Benefit

Disability Claim
Employment Data Form
Medical Certificate

Death Benefit

Death Claim
Affidavit for Death Claim Benefits

Funeral Benefit

Funeral Claim

Annual Confirmation of Pensioners

Application Form (Pensioner's Reply)
Application Form (Certified by Official/Regular Employee)
Pensioner's Data Change Request Form

EC Benefits

EC Claim for Temporary Total Disability or Sickness
EC Medical Reimbursement Benefit Application
EC Accident/Sickness Report

Flexi Fund Program

Flexi Fund Enrollment Form
Early Withdrawal Claim Form

Supplementary Forms

Specimen Signature Card
Sinumpaang Salaysay

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