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Saturday 25 January 2020

CSC | Rule XVI, Omnibus Rules on Leave - Sections 1, 21 and 25.

Leave Privileges: Vacation, Sick, Special and Forced Leave

“SECTION 1. Entitlement to Leave Privileges. – In general, appointive officials and employees of the government whether permanent, temporary, or casual, who render work during the prescribed office hours, shall be entitled to 15 days vacation and 15 days sick leave annually with full pay exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays, without limitation as to the number of days of vacation and sick leave that they may accumulate.


“SECTION 21. Special leave privileges. – In addition to the vacation, sick, maternity and paternity leave, officials and employees with or without existing or approved Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA), except teachers and those covered by special leave laws, are granted the following special leave privileges subject to the conditions hereunder stated:

“a) funeral/mourning leave “(f) hospitalization leave
“(b) graduation leave “(g) accident leave
“(c) enrollment leave “(h) relocation leave
“(d) wedding/anniversary leave “(i) government transaction leave
“(e) birthday leave “(j) calamity leave

“(1) That the official/employee may be granted a maximum of three (3) days within a calendar year of any or combination of special leave privileges of his choice which he would opt to avail;

“(2) That such privileges shall be non-cumulative and non-commutative;
“(3) That the official/employee shall submit the application for the said special leave privileges for at least one (1) week prior to its availment except on emergency cases; and

“(4) Special leave privilege may be availed of by the official/employee when the occasion is personal to him and that of his immediate family.


“SECTION 25. Five days forced/mandatory leave. – All officials and employees with 10 days or more vacation leave credits shall be required to go on vacation leave whether continuous or intermittent for a minimum of five (5) working days annually under the following conditions:

“(a) The head of agency shall, upon prior consultation with the employees, prepare a staggered schedule of the mandatory five-day vacation leave of officials and employees, provided that he may, in the exigency of the service, cancel any previously scheduled leave.

“(b) The mandatory annual five-day vacation leave shall be forfeited if not taken during the year. However, in cases where the scheduled leave has been cancelled in the exigency of the service by the head of the agency, the scheduled leave not enjoyed shall no longer be deducted from the total accumulated vacation leave.

“(c) Retirement and resignation from the service in a particular year without completing the calendar year do not warrant forfeiture of the corresponding leave credits if concerned employees opted not to avail of the required five-day mandatory vacation leave.

“(d) Those with accumulated vacation leave of less than ten (10) days shall have the option to go on forced leave or not. However, officials and employees with accumulated vacation leave of 15 days who availed of monetization for 10 days, under Section 22 hereof, shall still be required to go on forced leave.”



  1. Sir, Mam, mandatory five(5)days forced leaved, employee can avail overtime, after regular ours.

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