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Thursday 27 August 2015

08-27-15| Banner stories of Philippine TV Network plus PAG-ASA Weather Updates & PNA

Media culture

Much media ownership is concentrated in the hands of prominent families and businesses. Consequently, some reports tend to be one-sided presentations favoring special interests. The privately owned press also tends toward sensationalism at times. (The Free Encyclopedia)

Freedom of the press

Further information: Human rights in the Philippines
The Office of the President is responsible for managing the government’s policy toward the press. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are enshrined in the 1987 constitution. Although independent observers credit the government with respecting freedom of the press in general, the government has been criticized for failing to investigate thoroughly summary killings of journalists and for subjecting journalists to harassment and surveillance. (The Free Encyclopedia)

Violence against journalist

The fifth annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index released by the international press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has ranked the Philippines among the worst-ranked countries for 2006 at 142nd place. It indicates the continuing murders of journalists and increased legal harassment in the form of libel suits as part of the problem in the Philippines. Between 1986 to 2005, 52 journalists have been murdered. (The Free Encyclopedia)


  1. ABS-CBN|
    • Bongbong needs reality check, says Etta Rosales
    • Ayala consolidates banking assets
    • What's Angelica like off camera? Alex Medina clues us in
    • Advocates denounce fast-tracked green cards for the rich
    • Newborn dies after rat bites in Indian hospital: mother
    • How 'Showtime' selfie helped blind child
    • New MotoGP deals for Crutchlow, Smith
    • Nadal vows passionate return to U.S. Open
    • 'Shirtless' Sam to play warrior angel in 'Nathaniel'
    • Cedric Lee's arraignment for graft reset to Oct. 20
    • Buddhist monks lead prayers for 2010 Quirino hostage victims
    • BOC: No more random checks on balikbayan boxes
    • WATCH: Vice Ganda rides taxi, jokes with driver
    • Empleyada ng Customs, pinagbantaan dahil sa balikbayan box
    • VIRAL: Darren hits high notes in 'Chandelier'
    • Top Best Performing Medical Schools in the Philippines
    • Part of NAIA 2 floor collapses, sends foreigner into 2-ft hole
    • VIRAL: Waitress tipped with 'LOL' cries foul
    • 6 love teams and their first kiss onscreen
    • Why Kris Aquino was brought to hospital
    • Ilang netizens dismayado sa resulta ng 'The Voice Kids'
    • 2 US journalists shot dead while live on air 
    • Is Arron Villaflor dating Yen Santos? 
    • 705 pass nutritionist-dietitian board exams 
    • Heavy traffic affecting business in Metro Manila 
    • MRT passengers' woes continue 
    • Roxas, Binay, Poe visit northern Luzon 
    • What Binay camp said about new corruption allegations 
    • SEC warns public anew against investment scams 
    • Viral Customs employee says account was fake 
    • Congress approves PAGASA modernization bill 
    • Oldest voter registers in Naga City

    • Zero-remittance day to cost PHL P3.1B, senator says
    • Wall Street chalks up biggest gain in four years 
    • Obama welcomes 2014 WNBA champion Mercury to White House 
    • EPL: Rooney ends goal drought in style 
    • WATCH: Rhian Ramos meets Maria Sofia Love              
    • Global sea levels climbed 3 inches since 1992, NASA research shows             
    • Barcelona mayor's tourism crackdown puts Airbnb in firing line             
    • Colorado movie gunman sentenced to 12 lifetimes and 3,318 years         
    • Van Niekerk express lights up the Bird's Nest with golden 400m sprint              
    • Virginia TV shooting suspect pronounced dead              
    • PNoy's opposition to Arroyo bail plea ill-advised –ex-DOJ chief              
    • Suspect in Virginia TV shooting claimed discrimination at Florida job  

  1. TV5|

    • Original petitioners vs DAP wonder why those behind it are not prosecuted, run to SC anew
    • Sinkholes discovered in Negros Oriental
    • VIDEO | Virginia TV journalists killed in on-air shooting; suspect shoots self
    • 'NOT FOR GENUINE SELF-RULE' | Hataman, Iqbal worry over substitute BBL
    • MEL STA.MARIA | Is SC's Enrile bail fomenting confusion, dishonesty, public anger and impunity?
    • 10 YEARS AFTER KATRINA | Obama marks rebirth of New Orleans

PAG-ASA News and Weather

Daily Weather Forecast

Issued at: 5:00 PM yesterday, 26 August 2015
Valid Beginning: 5:00 PM today until 5:00 PM tomorrow
Ridge of High Pressure Area (HPA) affecting Southern Luzon and Visayas.


Issued at:26 August 2015
Valid beginning:6:00 AM yesterda until 6:00 PM today

Weather Situation : Metro Manila and the rest of NCR-PRSD forecast area will have partly cloudy skies with isolated rainshowers and thunderstorms. Moderate to strong wind from the southwest will prevail over the forecast area and the coastal waters will be moderate to rough.


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