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Sunday 6 September 2015

Oriental Mindoro, Philippines Natural Tourist Attraction

List of Philippines Natural Tourist Attraction at Oriental Mindoro

Hidden Paradise at Baco
This attraction consists of a natural spring with swimming pool and picnic cottages.

Alibatan Island at Baco
The island measures five-hectares and is noted for its white sand. The place serves as the breeding place for seagulls and turtles. Corals and oysters can be found all around the are. The island is also called “ Target Island “ because Americans staying in San Jose, used this ground for their bombing practices in 1946.

Buyayao Island off the coast Mansalay
Buyayao Island is a rocky island except for the area facing Buyayao Peninsula. Big snakes called “ sobre kama” are found in the mountains. The water around the island is uited for deep sea fishing.

Mt. Halcon  atBaco
Towering 8,488 feet above sea level, Mt. Halcon is the century’s third highest peak. It is is a favorite destination for nature tripping and mountain climbing.

Suqui Beach  at Suqui, Calapan
This is a public beach with cottages and other facilities. It is a favorite place for the local people to go especially during summer.

Banilad Beach  at Pili, Pinamalayan
The place is a good spot for picnic and swimming especially during summer season.

Bongol Beach  at Bongol, Pinamalayan
Bongol is secluded beach with a two-kilometer white sand beach.

Tamaraw Falls  at Barangay Villaflor, Puerto Galera
This 423-feet waterfalls located alongside the road, is actually a series of asymmetrical falls leading to the grand one droping to the frothy waterbed below. The cascading waterfalls are a great attraction to passers-by.

La Laguna Beach  at La Laguna, Puerto Galera
It is an ideal place for swimming ,snorkeling and scuba diving. There are number of resorts that offer accommodation and other travel and aqua sports facilities to both domestic and international tourists.

Sabang Beach  at East of Puerto Galera
This area is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. A cluster of nightspots abounds in this area which make it popular for evening socials. Cottages with entertainment facilities stand close to each other. Low budget accommodations are available.

Small La Laguna  at Beside Sabang Beach
Contrary to its name, Small La Laguna is bigger than La Laguna and has more facilities. It has coral reefs, and the water is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. There is diving equipment for rent at nearby dive shops.

Talipanan Beach  at Puerto Galera
This area is not a busy as the other beaches in Puerto Galera. Thus, it is an ideal site for private swimming.

White Sand Beach  at Barangay San Isidro,Puerto Galera
The white sandy strips of this beach offer excellent opportunities for swimming. Resorts in this area provide entertainment facilities for tourists’ greater amusement and leisure.

Punta Guarda Beach  at Puerto Galera
The beach is far from the busy areas of Puerto Galera, thus, it is ideal for those who seek privacy and retreat.

Melco Beach  at Roxas
Melco is a beige-colored sandy beach with cottages for rent.


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