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Thursday 24 September 2015

President Aquino give rise to National Cybersecurity Committee

Executive Order No. 189, creating a National Cybersecurity Inter-Agency Committee.


It is because there are increasing number of cyber threats that put government and commercial information systems at great risk necessitates.

What will be their role?
National Cybersecurity Inter-Agency Committee will issue and provide latest security protocols to all government employees concerning storage, handling and distribution of all forms -- digital, electronic, snail mail, and others -- of documents and communications.
It will put things government agencies together in preparing suitable and effective measures to strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities.
It will also improve public-private partnership in the field of information sharing, inclluding cyber-attacks, threats and vulnerabilities to cyber threats and conduct periodic strategic planning and workshop activities that will decrease the country’s vulnerabilities to cyber menace.

Who will be the chairman of the body?
  1. Executive Secretary
  2. Co-chaired by the Director General of the National Security Council
  3. Secretary of Department of Science and Technology.

Who will be the members body?
Secretaries of the ff:
  1. Departments of Energy
  2. Finance, Foreign Affairs
  3. Interior and Local Government
  4. Justice, National Defense
  5. Transportation and Communications
  6. Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office
  7. Presidential Communications Operations Office
  8. Commissioner of the National Telecommunications Commission
  9. Chairman of the National Privacy Commission
  10. Executive director of the Anti-Terrorism Council–Program Management Center


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