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Sunday 24 January 2016

ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF)

Every ASEAN member state nominates its green hotel as a recipient for the ASEAN Green Hotel Award and ASEAN Homestay Award.

ASEAN Green Hotel Standard.

  • Is meant establish a professional Green Hotel Operation such as environmental plan, green product, human resource and environmental management, which will enable environment and communities to benefit from a collective approach to operational professionalism.
  • It recognizes accommodation establishments that have established professional green hotel operations while promoting awareness to protect the environment.
  • the award encourages local community participation by enhancing their quality of life through generation of new income’ support to local culture, arts, and crafts partnerships with relevant stakeholders.

ASEAN Homestay Standard.

  • Is necessary providing an opportunity to standardize a base level of understanding of what a homestay is and to establish a minimum standard across all ASEAN member states.
  • It also focuses on the homestay where guests will stay with the host’s family and experience the everyday way of life of the family and community in both a direct and indirect manner.
  • Homestay should preferably be low scale, low density, flexible and spontaneous. More importantly, it should be owned and operated by the local communities so that the economic benefits go directly to them.
Source: Philippine News Agency

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