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Wednesday 4 January 2017

SSS Membership registration for NEW Applicant.

Step by Step Guide of Online SSS Membership for New Applicant.

Go to:
or just Click Here. If the link says "Expired Session" try this:
Then, Click START button at the bottom part.

Note: The information below are originally taken and based from the SSS site of the government. And this site encourages you to visit SSS webpage at this link 
Shortcut to Application (Click the link Apply Online from SSS website)
Last Update: January 2017
  1. Accomplish all fields of the online form correctly.( Punan lahat ng mga patlang ng wasto at tama.)
  2. A link shall be sent to the registrant's email which will enable them to continue with their SS Number application. (Tingan ang pinadalang link gamit ang iyong email account upang ipagpatuloy ang aplikasyon ng SSS Number. Pindutin lamang ang naturang link.)
    Note: The link shall expire in 5 days and once it expires, the registrant will have to repeat the first step of the registration process. (Tandaan: Ang link ay ay maari lamang magamit hanggang 5 araw. MUling uulitin ang proseso matapos ang limang araw na hindi sa natanggap link.)
  3. Once the link is clicked, the registrant must supply all the required information from Basic Information up to Beneficiaries Information correctly. (Pindutin lamang ang link at punan ang mga kailangan datus mula from Basic Information up to Beneficiaries Information.)
  4. Prior to generation of SS number, the registrant may review and correct their electronically filled out registration form. Once an SSS Number is already generated, applicant will need to go to the SSS Branch to correct his/her information. (Bago ang paglikha ng SS Number, mangyari lamang na e-rebisa o basahing muli ang mga impormasyong nailagay bago pindutin ang Generate SSS Number. Mangyaring magpunta sa malapit na sangay na opisina ng SSS sakaling may maling impormasyon matapos pindutin ang Generate SSS Number)
  5. After clicking the "Generate SS Number" button, the system will display the SSS number of the registrant and an option to print their ePersonal Record and SS Number Slip. The registrant will also receive an email confirmation which indicates his/her SS number, a copy of his/her SS Number Slip and other instruction to complete his/her SS Number application. (Matapos lumikha ng SSS Number, ang iyong kopya ng rehistro, number slip at iba pang kailangang datus ay muling naipdala sa iyong email account. Mangyari lamang na bisitahin muli ito.)
  6. Print the Personal Record FormSS Number Slip including the SSS Number Application Confirmation email body sent to you by the SS Number Issuance System. (I-print ang sipi ng Personal Record FormSS Number Slip including the SSS Number Application Confirmation email body.)
  7. Go to your nearest SSS Branch and submit the required documentary requirements together with the SSS Number slip. (Magtungo sa malapit na sangay ng SSS at ipasa ang mga impormasyong ito.)
  8. If married, bring a copy of your Marriage Contract. (Kung kasal na magdala ng kopya ng Katunayan ng iyong Kasal)
  9. If has child/ren, also bring a copy of the child/ren's Birth Certificate. (At kung may anak, dalhin lamang ang kopya ng naturang Katunayan ng Kapanganakan.)
  10. For Non-Working Spouse, your working spouse must sign before his/her name on the printed Personal Record Form. The signature of your working spouse signifies that he/she agrees with your SSS Membership. (Papirmahin sa Personal Record Form ang asawang hindi nagtatrabaho.)
  1. Registrant is advised to go to the nearest SSS Branch for submission of the required supporting documents.
  2. Registrant's membership status with SSS shall remain "Temporary" until submission of the required supporting documents. This means that the SS Number can only be used for:
    • Contribution payment and employee reporting by the employer.
    • Submission of required documents for conversion of Membership Status from "Temporary" to "Permanent".
  3. Availment of SSS loans and benefits (subject to qualifying conditions) and UMID Card Application (provided applicant has one (1) posted contribution) shall be allowed only for Permanent Membership Status.
Identification Card (ID)

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