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Tuesday, 13 April 2021

How to Register for DepEd Application System to get Unique Application Number (UAN)?

Online Registration Guide for DepEd Application System.

The Department of Education is encouraging their applicants to apply and provide the necessary information for the Persona Data Sheet (PDS) online and also to get their respective Unique Application Number (UAN).

Here are the steps:

Go to this link: 
For first timer Users, Click apply. See image below.
SIGN UP: Provide all required fields especially those labelled with *. Please take note that you will need to input an existing/working email for verification. You will need also the Number of one of this ID's (TIN, SSS, Philhealth, Voter's ID, Postal and PRC ID). At the bottom part you need to type the characters that you see from the  image to the space provided. Then Click SIGN UP.

Now you have successfully registered an account. You need to open your email account to look for the verification link.

You'll find the link with from DepEd Application System e-Mail Verification. Just Click the link.

Verification: In this e-Mail verification you'll able to see your username and prompted to click the link, "here". See image below.

Congratulations! You have successfully verified your email-address. Now, to see your profile click the "Go to Dashboard" button. See image below. 

Dashboard: Here, you will start to fill-out all the needed information for your application. You will start answering Office and Positions Applied For. Just Select and then Click Add.

Click Personal Data Sheet tab on the right of Dashboard tab. This PDS has 10 section tabs namely: (Personal, Family, Education, Eligibility Qualification, Work Experience, Volunteer, Training, Others, Others 2 and Reference). See what Personal Tab comprises. Don't forget to save by clicking the Save Personal Data button.

Personal Data Sheet:Family. Then click Save Family Data button.
 Personal Data Sheet: Education. Then click Save Education button.

Personal Data Sheet: Eligibility/Qualification. Then click Save Civil Service Data button.

Personal Data Sheet:Work Experience. Then Click save Work Experience button.

Personal Data Sheet: Volunteer. Then click save Volunteer Data button.

Personal Data Sheet: Training. Then click save Training Data button.

Personal Data Sheet:Others. Then click Save Others Data button.

Personal Data Sheet:Others 2. Then click save Others 2 button.

Personal Data Sheet:Reference. Then click save Reference Data button. In order to create your Unique Application Number UNA, you need to submit and generate this application by clicking the SUBMIT button.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your UAN, you are able to see this Application Number as you can see in the image encircled below. There should be also an Update PDS, Save & Print PDS and Print Receipt buttons. Lastly, don't forget to log-out your account. You are able to locate LOGOUT link as directed by the arrow on the image below. Remember to save your email account credentials for future use.

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  1. Thank you so much. It is a great help indeed

  2. us to access the link.

  3. Hi, hindi naman po maopen ung apply or register, laging error

  4. hindi na ba gumagana ang apply or register ng deped? i needed the unique application number.

  5. Hindi po masave and and print ang pds everytine i click it, nag fatal error po. Anong gagawin po?

    1. same problem here...anong solution ang ginawa nyo po?

  6. Bakit po wala akong narereceive na email? I already tried 3 of my email accounts but still there's no reply.

    1. We have same case po, I also tried 2 emails already but I still don't receive verification email. It's already 2 weeks po when I applied.

    2. Me too. it's been a while wala parin po na rereceive ng verificaiton

    3. same thing here

  7. Hello!Kung magpapa-ranking ulit dapat ba kumuha ng bagong UAN?

  8. Bakit Hanggang ngayon wala po po akong natanggap na verification magregister ako nung January 14 Wala pa tapos inulit ko ulit Wala parin hanggang Ngayon? Thank you po sa pagsagot.

  9. Noong January 14,pa ako nag-apply bakit Wala pang verification coming from DEPED, is there something wring with the system ba? Tagal na kasi dapat 2 days lang daw eh dapat. It's more than a week na di pa ako maka sign in on my account . Pl help me po. Thanks in advance.

  10. hindi ko na marecover ang account ko para amg update

  11. I have submitted my application twice but I haven't received any verification link. Why?

  12. Same here naka apat na akong Gmail and register wala man update for my verification or UAN��

  13. cant save and print po,, fatal error lang lumalabas

  14. bakit hindi po mabuksan yung link ng online application po?
    ilan araw n po namin sinusubukan

  15. cant access the link, can someone help me here how to solve this po? thank you


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