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Wednesday 12 July 2017

Government Job Qualifications and Requirements

Serve our Country!

Are you planning to enter our Government and be a public servant?

Here are the qualifications that you should know and prepared of:

  1. Must be a Bachelor’s Degree holder though some positions accept college undergrads.
  2. Include relevant professional working experience as well as internship experience for fresh graduates.
  3. Trainings who gave attended relevant trainings are often preferred by government agencies.
  4. Eligibility – Civil Service Eligibility, PRC license and/or special qualifications (i.e. cum laude)

While here are the requirements that you should have:

  • Application Letter – Addressed to the Director indicating the position and the name of the agency you are applying for
  • Personal Data Sheet – Duly accomplished with your latest passport size photo, community tax certificate - cedula and the thumb mark.
  • And if applicable: Copy of the latest performance rating, certificate of employment and certificate of training attended.
  • Transcript of Records / Diploma – In most cases, your certificate of eligibility or any equivalent document will also be required by the agency.

And here is the application process:

Step 1: Publication of Vacant Positions for atleast 10 calendar days.

Step 2: initial assessment including review of requirements and examination.

Step 3: Deliberation by the Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board.

Step 4: Appointment by the Head of the Agency.

Step 5: Verification of Civil Service Commission (CSC)

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