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Saturday 23 February 2019

2019 Update: SSS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [Pasok]

Here are the compilation of your SSS Frequently Asked Questions.

1. When a person has secured an SS number, does it mean that he/she is already a covered SSS member and therefore, has the right to social security benefits?
Ans: Issuance of SS number does not immediately qualify you for coverage or benefits. You must first be employed in an occupation subject to and reported for SSS coverage.

However, once you become a covered SSS member, you become a member for life. The contributions that you remit become savings for the future that will serve as basis for the granting of social security benefits in times of contingencies. Membership cannot be withdrawn and contributions paid cannot refunded.

2. What should I do if there are changes in my personal record?
Ans: Changes in your record should be reported immediately to the nearest SSS office through the submission of Member's Data Change Request (SS Form E-4) and the required supporting documents:
Change of civil status from Single to Married - Marriage contract
Change of civil status from Married to Single - Death certificate (if due to death of previously reported spouse); Certificate of Finality of Annulment or Decree of Divorce
New/additional/change of dependents/beneficiaries - Birth or Baptismal Certificate(s) of children or marriage contract for spouses
Correction of name/date of birth - Birth or Baptismal Certificate or unexpired Passport

3. What is the effect of non-reporting and non-remittance of contributions?

Ans:To the Employee
The employee is still entitled to SS benefits even if the employer fails or refuses to remit the SSS contributions.

To the Employer

An employer who does not report temporary or provisional employees is violating the SS law. The employer is liable to the employees and must:

pay the benefits of those who die, become disabled , get sick or reach retirement age;
pay all unpaid contributions plus a penalty of three percent per month; and
be held liable for a criminal offense punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

To the Self-employed Person and Voluntary Member

A self-employed person who fails to register with the SSS may be subjected to fines and/or imprisoned. However, in the event the self-employed or voluntary member does not realize earnings in a given month, payment of SSS contributions for that month is no longer required.

Self-employed and voluntary members may pay their monthly contributions prospectively or in advance, but never retroactively to cover month/s when no contribution payments were remitted.

In the case of the covered Non-Working Spouse, if he/she later becomes employed, self-employed or an OFW, the membership shall be reclassified accordingly as employed or self-employed or OFW.

4. What services are exempt from compulsory coverage as employee? 

Casual employment
Government service
Employment of single proprietor in his own business

5. Can employers hire employees without SS numbers?

Ans: No. Section 24 (e) of the SS Law requires the presentation of SS number as a condition for employment. 

6. Can anybody secure copies of records submitted to SSS by members?

Ans: No. Section 24 (c) of the SS Law provides for the confidentiality of members' records. SSS records can only be obtained by persons other than the member through the latter's written authorization, or in compliance to a subpoena duces tecum, or by the authority of the SSS President.

7. Can a member withdraw membership with the SSS?

Ans: No. When a person registers and is covered for SSS membership, he/she becomes a member for life. 

Even during such time that the member fails to remit contributions, the benefits and loan privileges provided by SSS can still be availed of, as long as the member meets the qualifying conditions for entitlement thereto.  

8. When a member loses the SS card or cannot remember the SS number, should the member secure another SS number?

Ans: No. The SS number assigned to a member is the lifetime number and must always be used in all transactions with the SSS. If the member wishes to replace a lost SS ID card or cannot remember his/her SS number, it is advisable to inquire from the nearest SSS branch. 

The member should never secure another number, as having multiple SS numbers will cause delays in the processing of future benefit claims and loan applications. 

If a member has more than one SS number, he/she should visit the SSS servicing branch to request for the cancellation of the other number/s and the consolidation of all contributions under the retained number. From then on, the retained SS number should be used in all transactions with the SSS.

9. Who are considered the primary beneficiaries of a member?

Ans: The primary beneficiaries of a member are the legitimate dependent spouse until he or she remarries, the dependent legitimate, legitimated or legally adopted, and illegitimate children, who are not yet 21 years old. 

If the member is single and without children, the benefits will go to the dependent parents who are considered the secondary beneficiaries. 

In the absence of both primary and secondary beneficiaries, any other person designated by the member in his/her SSS records shall be considered as the beneficiary.

10. What is the effect of a member's separation from employment?

Ans: Upon separation from employment, your employer's obligation to pay your SSS contributions ceases at the end of the month of separation. However you shall still be credited with all the contributions paid on your behalf and remain entitled to SSS benefits and privileges, as long as you meet the necessary qualifying conditions.

You may opt to continue paying the total contributions as a voluntary member to maintain your right to full benefits. In case of re-employment with the private sector, you can stop paying as a voluntary member and resume payment of contributions as an employee-member through your employer. 

In case of re-employment with the public sector wherein you will be covered by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), you may opt to continue paying your SSS contributions as a voluntary member so that you can enjoy social security benefits under both institutions.


  1. May katanungan patungkol sa iyong SSS ngunit nasa ibang bansa?
    1. Answer: Maaari po na mag email sa aming OFW Program Management Dept. sa ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph Ipaalam lamang po ang detalye ng inyong concern , kumpletong pangalan ng miyembro at 10-digit SSS number. Maglakip po ng valid IDs as reference.
  2. Dahilan kung bakit may mga pagkakataong hindi naitatala o huli ang pagtatala ng kontribusyon o loan payments sa records ng miyembro.
    1. Answer: Mayroon pong iba’t-ibang dahilan kung bakit may mga pagkakataong hindi naitatala o huli ang pagtatala ng kontribusyon o loan payments sa records ng miyembro. Ito po ay maaaring:

      - hindi pagbabayad ng employer;
      - hindi pagsusumite ng reports o collection lists kasama ang resibo ng employer;
      - huling pagsusumite ng reports o collection lists kasama ang resibo ng employer;
      - maling impormasyon sa isinusumiting reports, gaya ng maling SS number;
      - maling halaga ng ibinayad na kontribusyon.
  3. Paraan ng pagrereklamo.
    1. Answer: akaling currently employed sa naturang kumpanya at may remittances na hindi nakatala, kayo o ang inyong employer ay maaaring makipag-ugnayan nang direkta sa SSS servicing branch na may hurisdiksiyon sa kanilang SSS records. Dalhin po ang kopya ng proofs of payment ng inyong employer at mag-request ng posting nito.

      O, para sa kaukulang aksyon hinggil sa hindi pagre-remit ng kontribusyon/loan payments ng employer, maaaring magsumite ng pormal na reklamo sa SSS servicing branch. Magdala lamang po ng mga katibayan ng pagtratrabaho katulad ng company ID, payslips, certification, etc.
  4. Gustong ma-activate ulit ung SSS contribution?
    1. Answer: Sakaling may posted valid contribution bilang covered employee, self-employed o OFW ay maaaring magpatuloy ng paghuhulog sa kanyang contribution bilang voluntary member. Kung ang coverage bilang Voluntary member ay sa unang pagkakataon ay maaaring pumili ang member ng halagang nais niyang ihulog.

      Bilang karagdagan, anumang kontribusyon bilang voluntary member ng walang initial coverage sa rekord ay hindi pinapayagan ng sss.

      Narito po ang bagong Talaan ng Kontribusyon, effective January 2014 for your reference: Talaan ng Kontribusyon

      Para sa kaukulang assistance, maaaring makipag-ugnayan sa malapit na sangay ng SSS o tumawag sa SSS domestic toll free sa 1-800-10-2255777.
  5.  Online Account Assistance ba ang kailangan mo?
    1. Answer: For online account assistance, you may email at onlineserviceassistance@sss.gov.ph, gamit ang inyong personal email. Kindly indicate the following

      1. Details of Concern
      2. Complete Name
      3. Contact Number
      4. Active Email Address
      5. 10-digit SSS number
      6. Date of Birth
      7. Employment History
      8. Attach valid ID (with photo & signature)
  6. Magkanu ang buwanang kontribusyon mo?
    1. Answer: Ang buwanang konribusyon ay ibinabatay sa kinikita ng miyembro ng SSS ay dapat bayaran sa ilalim ng sumusunod na programa:

      SS – 11% ng buwanang kita na hindi hihigit sa P16,000 at dapat bayaran ng kapwa employer (7.37%) at empleyado (3.36%).
  7. Member Record Assistance ba ang kailangan mo?
    1. Answer: Para sa kaukulang beripikasyon ng rekord at assistance, maaaring mag-email sa aming Member Communications and Assistance Department at member_relations@sss.gov.ph. Ipaalam lamang po ang detalye ng inyong concern (type of complaint / date of filing / SSS branch), kumpletong pangalan ng miyembro at 10-digit SSS number. Maglakip po ng acknowledgement stub (proof of filing) / valid IDs as reference.
  8. Maternity reimbursement denied application?
    1. Answer: Ang denial ay ayon sa makikita na pagkukulang o hindi natugunan ang mga kondisyon. Mabuti na humiling ng paglilinaw sa SSS office kung saan nagsumite ng aplikasyon.
  9. Paano malalaman kung may hulog na kontribusyon ang iyong SSS Account?
    1. Answer: Maaari pong matunghayan ang rekord online. Magrehistro bilang miyembro sa ilalim ng My.SSS sa official website at www.sss.gov.ph. Para sa iyong guide bisitahin lamang ang link na ito:
       - 2017 Update: How to View your SSS Contributions Online?
       - How to register in My.sss to access SSS Account and Contribution online?
  10. Nasa ibang bansa ngunit may UNPAID Loan sa PINAS na gustong mabayaran?
    1. Answer: Ang isang miyembro na nasa abroad sa kasalukuyan ay maaaring magtalaga ng kanyang representante dito sa Pilipinas para sa pagreremit ng kontribusyon bilang OFW member at pagbabayad ng balanse sa salary loan. Ang Contributions Payment Form at Member Loan Payment Return ay maaaring i-download sa SSS website at www.sss.gov.ph o, available sa alinmang tanggapan ng SSS. Itala lamang po lagi sa porma ang kumpletong pangalan, 10 digit SS number ng miyembro at markahan ang appropriate box for OFW sa Contributions Payment form. O, magremit sa alinmang akreditadong payment center /s abroad.

      Asia United Bank
      Banco de Oro
      Bank of Commerce
      Philippine National Bank

      Lucky Money
      New York Bay Philippines, Inc
      Pinoy Express Hatid Padala services, Inc

      Para sa inyong SSS concerns, beripikasyon ng rekord at assistance, maaaring mag email sa ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph
  11. OFW na umuwi sa PINAS at may katanungan patungkol sa kanyang SSS?
    1. Answer: para sa kaukulang assistance, maaari makipag-ugnayan sa OFW-CSU ☎ hotlines (02) 364-7796 and (02) 364-7798, maaari rin magtext o tumawag using mobile phone sa Globe (0977) 804-8668 at Smart (0998) 847-4092 o mag email ✉ sa ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph. Ilagay ang inyong complete name, SSS number, contact details at details ng inyong request/inquiry. Mag attach po ng scanned / screenshots ng inyong 2 valid IDs (with photo and signature) for reference.
  12. Loan Reconstruction Program o LRP Update?
    1. Answer: Sa kasalukuyan po ay wala pang anunsiyo kaugnay sa pagkakaroon ng panibagong LRP.

      Should there be updates, rest assure na ito ay maipaaalam sa aming mga miyembro gamit ang mass at social media. O, amin pong iminumungkahi na tunghayan ang official website at www.sss.gov.ph
  13. SSS Pension Question?
    1. Answer: Ang isang miyembro ay maaari na magsumite ng aplikasyon para sa pagreretiro kung siya ay 60 taong gulang na nahiwalay sa trabaho o 65 taong gulang may trabaho o wala. Samantala, ang buwang pension ay ipagkakaloob sa miyembro na nakapagbayad ng di kukulangin sa 120 buwanang konribusyon bago ang semestre ng pagreretiro.

      ang isang miyembro na 60 taong gulang na nahiwalay sa trabaho o 65 taong gulang may trabaho o wala ay maaaring magsumite ng aplikasyon para sa benepisyo sa pagreretiro. 

      Ang mga uri ng pagbabayad para sa benepisyo sa pagreretiro ay:

      1. buwanang pensiyon - ang buwanang pensiyon ay panghabambuhay na ibinabayad sa miyembrong retirado na nakapagbayad ng di kukulangin sa 120 buwanang konribusyon bago ang semestre ng pagreretiro.
      2. lump sum amount – Ito ay ibinabayad sa miyembrong retirado na di umabot sa 120 buwan ang binayarang kontribusyon.

      Samantala, maaaring sundan ang impormasyon sa ibaba hinggil sa paghuhulog ng kontribusyon base sa Office Order 2014-064, effective March 2,2015.

      a) A member who is sixty (60) years old and above but not yet 65 with 120 contributions or more may continue paying as a VM up to sixty five (65) years old to avail of the full benefit.

      b) A member who is sixty-five (65) years old and above with less than 120 contributions may continue paying contributions as a VM until he/she completes 120 contributions.
      Para sa kaukulang payo at assistance maaaring tumawag anumang oras (24 hrs) sa aming Inter-active Voice Response System (IVRS) at 917-7777 o, Call Center hotlines at 920-6446 to 55 at 1-800-10-2255777 Toll-Free mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes.

      Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, maaaring sundan ang link na ito:
  14. How to Apply UMID ID Card?
    1. Answer: Follow steps at this link: 2017 Update: How to get Multi-purpose ID (UMID) Card - SSS.
    2. Sakaling nakapag-file na po ng UMID card application, for further assistance and status verification nito, maaari pong mag-email sa aming Identity Management Department at idcpd@sss.gov.ph. Banggitin po sa email ang kumpletong pangalan, 10-digit SS number at petsa ng aplikasyon (ID application).
  15. LOAN: Gustong magrenew pero may current balance pa?
    1. Answer: Maari po kayong makapag-renew ng salary loan sa oras na kayo ay mayroong 50% na naibayad sa dati ninyong utang at 50% na rin po ito ng amortization period, aktibong nagbabayad ng kontribusyon at may latest 6 months posted sa inyong SSS records bago ang inyong loan application.
  16. Self-Employed/Voluntary na nagipit upang tumigil sa paghuhulog na ngayon ay gustong ipagpatuloy ulit?
    1. AnswerFor self-employed/voluntary member, maaari po silang magbayad ng kanilang SSS contributions in a monthly or quarterly basis on or before due date na depende po sa last number ng kanilang 10-digit SS number.

      Para po sa inyong karagdagang kapakinabangan, maaari po lamang pakitunghayan ang Table of Deadline sa ibaba.
  17. Where to Encash Salary Loan Check?
    1. Answer: At any Landbank Branch.
  18. Maternity Benefits?
    1. Answer: See image below:
SSS: Contacts
SSS Building East Avenue, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines
For comments, concerns and inquiries contact:
SSS Trunkline No. (632) 920-6401
SSS Call Center: 920-6446 to 55; IVRS: 917-7777; SSS Email: member_relations@sss.gov.ph; SSS Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SSSPh

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  1. Ask q po pwedi q po bang kuhanan ng sss id ang nanay at kunin ang sss number nya nawala po kc mga valid ID at passport sa Malaysia lagi nlng po syang nahuhuli hindi po kc bigyan ng passport ang imbassy kung wala cyang valid ID ty

  2. tried to apply for death claim but, error fail 100 every time i send the filled up SSS digital form please, tell me how i can solve the problem...thank you


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