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Friday 6 October 2017

GCash Update: Quick List of GCASH HELP List!

List of Helpful GCash Keywords!

To check your GCASH balance, send BAL<space><MPIN> to 2882. Ex: BAL 4321. Please call 2882 should you need further assistance.

To send GCASH, send <amount><space><MPIN><space><optional personal message> to 2882+<10 digit mobile no.>. Ex: 750 4321 send to 28829175881234.

To buy load for yourself or for others, dial *143# > Select GCash> Select Buy Load > Enter amount > Enter PIN > Enter your mobile number or your

To change your GCASH MPIN, send CHG<space><current MPIN><space><new MPIN> to 2882. Ex: CHG 1234 4321 OR  dial *143# or download the GCASH Mobile App, select Account and then Change PIN.

To inquire your last transaction, send TXN<space><MPIN> to 2882. Ex: TXN 4321.

To pay bills hassle-free, send BILLPAY<space><amount><space><MPIN><space><biller code><space><account number> to 2882. Ex: BILLPAY 500 1234 GPLAN 12345678. Please call 2882 for list of billers and codes or should you need further assistance.

To donate, send DONATE<space><amount><space><MPIN><space><charity code> to 2882. Ex: DONATE 500 1234 REDCROSS. Please call 2882 for list of charities and codes.

To suspend your GCASH wallet, send SUS<space><MPIN> to 2882. Ex: SUS 4321. Please note that you can still receive GCASH.

To reactivate your GCASH wallet, send ACT<space><MPIN> to 2882. Ex: ACT 4321.

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