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Monday 28 May 2018

Liguasan Marsh, the country’s largest wetland with US$1 trillion of natural gas.

Way back July 2008, GMA News published a report about the Liguasan Marsh that holds billions of dollars in gas according to MNLF chief Misuari. MNLF chair Nur Misuari revealed that Liguasan Marsh holds a huge reservoir of natural gas worth hundreds of billions of dollars and the Bangsamoro people could become one of the richest if this area is placed under their control. Misuari also said that some American oil engineers told him about the abundance of natural gases in the Liguasan Marsh. The Americans estimated total earnings from the natural gas of Liguasan - once explored - will amount to $580 billion, Misuari said. “Kung i- convert yan sa ating pera, aabot yan ng trillion pesos", Misuari added.

Up to date, MAGUINDANAO (2nd District) Rep. Zajid ‘Dong’ Mangudadatu has commended the increasing public awareness on the use of methane gas which continuously comes from Liguasan Marsh, adding that the natural phenomenon in his province has been very beneficial. 

Rep. Mangudadatu, in his interview with DZMM’s Dos Por Dos last Monday (21 May 2018), estimated the natural gas reserve at US$1 trillion or roughly around 50 trillion pesos.

“Based on a Department of Energy exploratory project conducted by Philippine National Oil Company in 1994, they came out with a prospect of 68 billion cubic feet of natural gas in Liguasan Marsh,” Mangudadatu said.

Mangudadatu, in turn, promised President Duterte that the success of Liguasan would not only translate to Maguindanao but it will be for the entire country, as he envisions the Philippines to be the next Dubai.

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