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Friday 22 June 2018

GCredit - Pay QR: "Scan Now, Pay Later!"

What is GCash Credit or GCredit?

GScore is a trust score based on your past GCash transactions. It allows you to be granted a credit limit in your GCash app. The more transaction and paying on time the more higher credit limit not higher than P30,000.00.

The GCash which is powered by Globe has launced lately the new Beta feature of the so-called GCash Credit or GCredit. Gcredit will only be available for those GCash users who already had earned a "GCscore" for a frequent usage of GCash for more than 400 score by sending, loading and using the latter for online payment. Reaching the minimum score will automatically receive sms notification from GCredit pre-qualifying for GCredit. It only means that you can use it in our GCash QR stores such as Puregold, SM Store, and Robinsons. Once receive this, download/open the GCash App and tap on 'Manage Credit' and continue for application. You just need to provide some personal details including an active email address and accepting the "Terms and Condition". Once done, wait for the sms confirmation informing you that your GCredit application has been approved, with the details for Total Credit Limit which will start on P1,000.00, Interest Rate: 5% (every 30 days). For more details about your GCredit, kindly check your e-mail address.

How to use GCash Credit? 

"Scan Now, Pay Later!"
Step 1: Tap Pay QR
Step 2: Choose "Scan QR Code" and scan merchant code.
Step 3: Type in amount to be paid and choose "GCredit"
Step 4: Confirm Transaction
Step 5: Show reference code to the cashier.

Billing Date is every 22 of the month.
Due-Date is 15 days after the billing date.

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