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Friday 20 March 2020

How to Setup Recovery details on GCash App.

Sorry, your GCASH wallet is currently locked. Please call 2882 for assistance. 
- This sms message was sent to your GCash mobile number after three (3) wrong input attempts.

How to Setup  Recovery details on GCash to more easily manage your account?

1. Open your GCash App
2. On the Login Screen, locate Recovery Setup at the bottom part. If can't find, sign-in and locate from the navigation.
3. There you will provide security answers from different security questions that you'll need to remember for the future use like when you forgot your MPIN. Setting this, will need you not you to contact anymore GCash Support thru email, fb chat and by dialing.
4. You'll also need to provide active recovery email address and recovery mobile no. GCash will send the recovery code to the provide email address and/or mobile number.

Forgot MPIN! SOLVED using Recovery Details.

1. On the Login page of your app, clict "Forgot MPIN".
2. Security questions will appear and all of these should be answered correctly. Click Next and wait util requesting is done.
3. Once done, you'll need to check your sim for the 6 digit Recovery Code then submit. Wait until processing is done.
4. Now input your new MPIN an then verify. Then click Done.
5. Once done your will see this "Change Gcash MPIN Successful!"
6. Your Done! No need to wait for the Support to handle and fix the issue. Now, it's on your hands.
7. To check your Account recovery, sign-in first on your GCash app, go to Settings > Account Recovery > Input MPIN.

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