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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

How to Change Google Adsense Recipient on Payment Settings.

This post I've wanted to share is tutorial on how to change the recipient details of your google adsense payment. In this example, the payment method we used is "Western Union" because this is the most convenient method for me at the moment. We will change the name details of the original recipient to another name. This is very convenient for me since I don't have time to withdraw my google adsense payment on my own. So I've decided to replace the name details of mine and use the name of my wife. It was fun, now I can withraw my name even I am not around. Note: The name used in this tutorial is just a sample only. Hope you find it easy.

1. Sign-in to your Google Adsense Account [Click Here]
2. From the Dashboard Menu select "Payments".

 3. Payments > Settings > Click "MANAGE SETTINGS"
4. Under Payment Profile click "NAME and ADDRESS
 5. Update your Name and Adress then click "Save"
6. Payments > Click "Manage Payment Method"

7. Payments > Payment Method > Click "Edit"
8. Update your payment method similar to the name you have input before in Manage Settings then click "Save".
 9. Check email inbox and we'll see notification from Google payments: Payment method details changed.

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