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Monday 26 December 2022

Republic Act No. 11934, known as the "Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Registration Act".

Republic Act No. 11934 or also known as the "Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Registration Act".
Signed on October 10, 2022

Republic of the Philippines
Congress of the Philippines
Metro Manila
Nineteenth Congress
First Regular Session

Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-fifth day of July, two thousand twenty-two.



The first Republic Act signed by Pres. Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr.

Under this law all the SIMSs to be sold by PTEs, its agents, resellers, or any entity shall be in a deactivated state. It shall only be activated after the end-use completes the process of registration.

All existing SIM subscribers shall register the same with their respective PTEs within 180 days form the effectivity of this Act. Failure to register within the periods prescribed herein shall result in the automatic deactivation of the SIM. The deactivated SIM may only be reactivated after registration in accordance with this Act.

SIM registration process:
1. Owner's registration form with Full name, date of birth, sex and address. Registration form shall be accomplished electronically through a platform or website to be provided by the PTEs. The same shall include a declaration by the end-use that the identification documents presented are true and correct.
2. Presentation of Valid Government-issued identification (ID) cards or other similar forms of documents with photo that will verify the identity of the end-user such as: Passport, SSS, GSIS e-Card, Driver's License, NBI clearance, Police clearance, FLOP ID, PRC ID, IBP ID, BIR, OWWA ID, Senior Citizen card, Voter's Id, UMID Card, PWD and other valid gov -issued ID with photo.

1. For providing false or fictitious information or for using fictitious identities or fraudulent identification documents to register a SIM.
Penalty: Imprisonment 6 months - 2 years or a fine of not less that 100,000.00 pesos but not more thatn 300,000.00 pesos.

2. For Spoofing a registered SIM - The penalty of imprisonment of no less than 6 years or a fine of 200,000.00 pesos... 

Uploaded on: October 12, 2022

[PDF] Republic Act No. 11934


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