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Friday 27 February 2015

Highest paid employees in Philippines

JobStreet.com - those who are specialized in information technology (IT) and have extensive technical know-how are the highest paid employees in the country

Highest pay with average earnings:
  1. Junior executives(1 to 4 years of experience), IT/computer-software jobs : P37,784 per month.
  2. Specializing in IT/computer network/database admin: P33,029.
  3. Junior lawyers :P27,033 per month
Highest paid junior executives
  1. actuarial science/statistics (P27,032)
  2. engineering electronics/communication (P26,379)
  3. public relations/communications (P25,153)
  4. technical and helpdesk support (P25,078)
  5. sales-telesales/telemarketing (P24,400)
  6. training and development (P23,762)
  7. and customer service (P23,369).
Supervisors (5 or more years of experience)
  1. IT/computer-software: P67,478 per month. 
  2. IT/computer network/database admin: P52,319 
Supervisors specializing in customer care get a noticeably high salary upgrade of more than P10,000 from customer care junior executives.

 Managerial levels
  1. IT/computer-software specialists getting paid P100,838
  2. T/computer network/database admin specialists: P81,274
"We want to tell employees that these are the salaries now of the spectrum of jobs in the country, so that they will have a conscious effort to make sure that their salaries are at par," Philip Gioca said. 

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