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Monday 13 July 2015

1994 World Disaster

World aerospace, fire and explosion, marine, mine, natural, rail, traffic and miscellaneous disaster.

1994: Disasters
Some of the major disasters in 1994 follow.


1.    Jan. 3, Russia: A Russian airliner experienced engine failure and crashed in the wilderness in Siberia, killing all 111 passengers and nine crew members, as well as one person on the ground.
2.      Jan. 5, Florida: Engine trouble forced an emergency landing of a small plane south of Orlando, resulting in the death of all ten people on board.
3.      Feb. 24, Russia: Six crew members and seven passengers were killed when a Russian cargo plane carrying 13.5 tons of coins crashed during a landing attempt in Nalchik.
4.      Feb. 25, Peru: An Expresso Aereo airliner crashed in the Peruvian jungle bordering Brazil. The 31 people on board were not found.
5.      Mar. 22, Russia: An Aeroflot Airbus 310 fell 32,000 feet to earth in Siberia; all 75 people on board were killed. An investigation concluded that a crew member's children had been at the controls when the plane went down.
6.      Mar. 23, North Carolina: An F-16 fighter jet and a C-130 cargo plane collided in midair over Pope Air Force Base; both pilots thought they had been cleared for landing. The pilots and crews escaped unharmed, but wreckage from the F-16 hit an Army training unit on the ground; 23 paratroopers died, and more than 80 were injured.
7.      Apr. 14, Iraq: Two U.S. UH-60 Black-hawk helicopters carrying members of an international Persian Gulf War coalition to protect Kurds were mistakenly shot down by two U.S. F-15 fighters over a no-fly zone in northern Iraq. All 26 on board died.
8.      Apr. 25, Indonesia: A propeller driven airplane crashed in the Kalimantan jungle in Borneo, killing at least ten people.
9.      Apr. 26, Japan: A China Airlines jetliner caught fire and crashed while attempting to land in Nagoya; 263 people were killed.
10.  Apr. 29, Colombia: A Cessna airplane crashed near Bogotá, resulting in the deaths of the nine people on board.
11.  May 27, Colombia: A Transoriente passenger plane crashed minutes after takeoff from Villavicencio, killing six and injuring 20 people. Two Colombian congressmen were among the injured.
12.  June 2, Scotland: A Royal Air Force CH-47 Chinook helicopter crashed in heavy fog near the Mull of Kintyre cliffs; all 29 people on board, most of them officials from Northern Ireland, were killed.
13.  June 6, China: A China Northwest Airlines jet on its way to Guangzhou crashed soon after takeoff from Xi'an; all 160 people on board were killed.
14.  July 1, Mauritania: An Air Mauritania Fokker 28 passenger plane crashed in Tidjikdja during a sandstorm, killing 94 of the 101 people on board.
15.  July 2, North Carolina: A USAir DC-9 carrying 52 passengers and five crew members crashed shortly after an aborted landing in Charlotte, resulting in 37 deaths. The accident appeared to be caused by a sudden rainstorm.
16.  July 9, India: A state government aircraft carrying the governor of Punjab State and 12 other people crashed near Kulu. All on board were killed.
17.  Aug. 5, Russia: Forty-seven people were killed when a military transport plane crashed on its approach to the Bada military base in Siberia.
18.  Aug. 21, Morocco: A Royal Air Maroc aircraft crashed in the Atlas Mountains soon after takeoff from Agadir. All 44 people aboard, including a Kuwaiti prince, died.
19.  Sept. 8, Pennsylvania: A USAir Boeing 737 crashed just outside Pittsburgh as it prepared to land; all 132 people aboard were killed. It was the worst air disaster in the United States in seven year.
20.  Sept. 26, Russia: A Russian passenger plane crashed in bad weather outside the town of Vanavara in central Siberia, killing all 26 people aboard.
21.  Oct. 29, Russia: An Antonov-12 crashed in a remote part of Siberia while approaching Ust-llimsk to refuel; 21 people were killed.
22.  Oct. 31, Indiana: An American Eagle commuter plane en route to Chicago crashed in high winds and heavy rain in a field near Roseland; all 68 people on board died.
23.  Nov. 1, Mexico: A helicopter returning from a trip to the Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá crashed into the Caribbean Sea near the island of Cozumel, killing at least 11 people, most of them American tourists.
24.  Nov. 16, Ecuador: The head of the Ecuadorian Army, General Miguel Iturralde Jaramillo, and nine other people, including some military personnel, were killed when their helicopter crashed in the jungle near the Peruvian border between La Boca and Ishpingo.
25.  Dec. 13, North Carolina: An American Eagle commuter plane flying from Greensboro to Raleigh-Durham crashed in rain and fog as it prepared to land; 15 of the 20 people aboard were killed.
26.  Dec. 17, Papua New Guinea: There were no survivors when a plane traveling from Tabubil to Selbang hit a cliff wall and crashed in a remote area. All 28 people on board were killed.
27.  Dec. 29, Turkey: A Turkish Airlines jet carrying mostly military personnel crashed in Van when it tried to land in a snowstorm; 55 people were killed.


28.  Jan. 15, Morocco: A fire swept through a public sauna in the city of Tétouan; at least 24 people were killed.
29.  Jan. 23, Argentina: Twenty-five apprentice firefighters, some of them teenagers, were killed when they attempted to extinguish a brush fire near Puerto Madryn in Patagonia.
30.  July, Spain: Wildfires ravaged the Mediterranean coast for a week in early July, damaging an estimated 360,000 acres and killing 21 people, including some firefighters.
31.  July 6, Colorado: A mountain wildfire suddenly blew out of control near Glenwood Springs, burning more than 2,000 acres and trapping and killing 14 firefighters.
32.  July 14, Italy: Twenty-seven people were killed when a gas explosion leveled a home for the elderly in Motta Visconti.
33.  Oct. 24, South Korea: A fire broke out on a packed pleasure boat on Chungju Lake, engulfing the entire boat in flames within minutes; more than 20 people died.
34.  November 2, Egypt: A river of flames flooded through the town of Durunka in the Nile Valley, killing more than 500 people and destroying buildings and property, when a fuel oil spill was set ablaze by electrical wires during a torrential rain.
35.  Nov. 27, China: When a fire broke out in a crowded dance hall in the town of Fuxin in the northeastern province of Liaoning, 233 people were killed and 16 were injured.
36.  Dec. 8, China: A fire in a theater in Karamay—where more than 800 people, mostly schoolchildren and teachers, were watching a variety show—caused at least 385 deaths and left 115 other people critically injured.
37.  Dec. 10, China: An explosion from a gas stove sparked a fire in the Princess Discotheque in Qiqihar in Heilongjiang Province; 17 people were killed in the blaze.
38.  Jan. 15, India: A ferry carrying religious pilgrims sank in thick fog after ramming another boat near the mouth of the Ganges River; more than 100 people died.
39.  Mar. 30, France: Ten French sailors died when a steam pipe burst on board their nuclear submarine. The Emeraude was participating in exercises off the coast of Toulon.
40.  Apr. 1, China: A shipboard fire on Qiandao Lake, in the coastal Chekiang Province, killed 32 people.
41.  Apr. 5, China: Two ferries crowded with schoolchildren collided and capsized in the Yanmenxiang Reservoir in Chekiang Province, killing 43 students.
42.  Apr. 19, Indonesia: The Kaltimas II ferry capsized during a severe storm in the straits between Java and Bali; at least 13 people died.
43.  Apr. 29, Kenya: More than 270 people drowned when an overcrowded commuter ferry capsized and sank near Mombasa.
44.  June 12, Gulf of Aden: About 50 Somalis, former refugees, were feared dead when their ship sank en route from Yemen to Somalia.
45.  July 9, China: As many as 49 people drowned when their overloaded bus slid off a ferry and sank in the Yangtze River near Yichang.
46.  July 13, Cuba: A tugboat carrying 63 people sank after it collided with—or was rammed by, according to some reports—a boat that was pursuing it north of Havana; more than 30 passengers drowned.
47.  Aug. 20, Bangladesh: An overloaded ferry capsized in the Meghna River near Chandpur; more than 300 people drowned.
48.  Sept. 28, Baltic Sea: The Estonia, en route from Tallinn, Estonia, to Stockholm, Sweden, capsized when rough waves broke through improperly sealed cargo doors. More than 800 people died.
49.  Oct. 7, Dominican Republic: A 38-foot-long wooden boat en route to Puerto Rico caught fire and sank. Of 117 people aboard, 4 were confirmed dead and 26 were missing.
50.  Oct. 22, South China Sea: A Maltese oil tanker, Thanassis A, encountered violent waters caused by Typhoon Teresa and sank 370 miles southeast of Hong Kong; 16 crew members were killed.
51.  Dec. 2, Philippines: The Cebu City, an inter-island ferry carrying over 600 people, collided with a freighter near Rosario in Manila Bay. More than 34 people drowned and more than 100 were missing.
52.  Dec. 4, Bangladesh: At least 36 people drowned when a cargo ship and a ferry collided on the Bolai River near the town of Sunamganj.
53.  Dec. 9, North Atlantic Ocean: The Salvador Allende, a Ukrainian cargo ship, sank 150 miles off the coast of Bermuda in a storm. Rescue attempts were hampered by the bad weather, and 22 of the 31 crew members were not found.
54.  Dec. 26, Japan: Two people died and 16 were missing after their fishing boat sank in rough seas in the Pacific Ocean.


55.  Jan. 25, India: A fire broke out in the state-owned New Kenda coal mine near the town of Asansol, trapping and killing 55 miners.
56.  Feb. 22, South Africa: A waste reservoir exploded at the Harmony Gold Mining Company in Virginia, releasing a torrent of chemically tainted black slime that flooded the suburb of Merriespruit. At least 16 people died.
57.  Feb. 23, South Africa: An underground fire that broke out at the Koornfontein coal mine in Middelburg killed 19 workers.
58.  Aug. 29, Philippines: A methane gas explosion in a coal mine in the town of Malangas on the island of Mindanao caused the deaths of at least 82 miners.


59.  Jan. 17, California: An earthquake measuring 6.6 magnitude hit Southern California, killing more than 57 people. The quake's epicenter was in the town of Northridge, northeast of Los Angeles. Damage estimates neared $30 billion.
60.  Feb. 16, Indonesia: An earthquake of 7.2 magnitude rocked Sumatra, leaving more than 200 dead.
61.  March 27, Southeast United States: More than 40 people were killed as Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee were hit by a series of tornadoes.
62.  May 2, Bangladesh: A cyclone carrying heavy winds and rain caused severe flooding in southeastern coastal areas; the storm appeared to hit land near Cox's Bazar. More than 300 people died.
63.  June, China: Typhoon Russ arrived via the South China Sea on June 8 and stayed over land for weeks, inundating six provinces. More than 800 people drowned, including at least 200 in Guangdong Province alone. The storm's fierce rains caused $100 million of damage from flooding.
64.  June 6, Colombia: An earthquake in the Cauca and Huila regions caused a mudslide that claimed the lives of more than 500 people, left more than 1,500 missing, and rendered thousands homeless.
65.  July, Georgia: Tropical Storm Alberto caused nearly two weeks of torrential rains and flooding in southern Georgia and northern Alabama and Florida, forcing the evacuation of entire towns and ruining thousands of acres of crops. More than 30 deaths were reported.
66.  Aug. 18, Algeria: An earthquake measuring 5.6 magnitude hit northwestern Algeria, killing at least 170 people and leaving thousands homeless.
67.  Aug. 21, China: Typhoon Fred brought torrential rains and caused flooding in the coastal province of Chekiang in eastern China, leaving more than 700 people dead. Damage to property and industry was estimated at $1.16 billion.
68.  Oct. 4, Japan: An earthquake measuring a magnitude of 8.1 hit Japan and the Russian Kurile Islands. At least ten residents of the Kurile Islands were reported dead.
69.  Oct. 21, Philippines: Typhoon Teresa hit Manila and nearby provinces with 90-mile-per-hour winds, killing at least ten people, causing electrical blackouts, and destroying crops and homes.
70.  Oct. 16-24, Texas: Heavy rains caused flooding around Houston; 19 people died and 48 counties were declared state disaster areas.
71.  Nov. 5, Italy: Torrential rains in the Piedmont, Liguria, Valle d'Aosta, and Lombardy regions caused at least 64 deaths and possibly up to $6.6 billion in damage. The storms also caused damage and deaths in France, Morocco, and Spain.
72.  Nov. 10-11, Haiti: Tropical Storm Gordon caused flash floods that killed at least 829 people (officials said the death toll could be as high as 2,000), as well as ruining houses and roads and wiping out crops and livestock.
73.  Dec. 21-22, Philippines: Typhoon Axel, carrying 85-mph winds, killed 19 people on Leyte Island and sank two fishing boats, leaving 27 crew members missing.


74.  Jan. 20, Uzbekistan: Thirteen people were killed when a cargo train crashed into a passenger train 80 miles from Tashkent.
75.  Mar. 8, South Africa: At least 63 people were killed and 370 were injured when a speeding commuter train derailed outside the town of Durban.
76.  Aug. 11, Russia: A commuter train collided with several derailed freight cars and overturned, killing at least 21 people. The crash occurred in the village of Dvuluchnoye in Belgorod Province.
77.  Sept. 22, Angola: A train carrying granite derailed, killing 300 people and injuring 147 as it plunged into a ravine near Tolunda in the province of Huila. The crash was blamed on faulty brakes.
78.  Dec. 2, Hungary: An express train on its way to Budapest derailed at Szajol, killing at least 24 people waiting at the station.
79.  Dec. 31, Myanmar: A passenger train derailed and plummeted into a ravine near the town of Wuntho, killing 102 people.


80.  Mar. 23, Kazakhstan: Fourteen bus passengers were killed and 12 were injured in a collision with a train near Almaty. The driver had ignored the signals of the oncoming train.
81.  Apr. 1, Peru: A bus carrying Easter celebrants swerved to avoid another vehicle and plunged down a steep cliff near Izcuchaca; 44 people were killed.
82.  May 17, India: A tour bus collided with a tanker transporting explosive chemicals in Baroda; 12 people were killed.
83.  May 20, Brazil: A bus collided head-on with a truck near Rio Claro; 29 people died, most of them university students.
84.  May 27, Kenya: An overcrowded bus carrying high school students home from a sports meet overturned near Gatanga; 21 people were killed.
85.  June 4, Pakistan: A bus on its way from Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas caught fire near Tando Jam, killing all 32 passengers, 15 of whom were children; the driver escaped.
86.  July 3, Texas: In a deadly day on Texas highways 14 people were killed when an 18-wheeler hit a van from behind outside Weatherford. Near Snyder a tractor-trailer slammed broadside into a pickup truck, killing three adults and nine children. Another six people died when their car collided with a tractor-trailor that had overturned near Ballinger.
87.  Oct. 20, China: At least 17 people were killed when a freight train smashed into a commuter bus at an unguarded railway crossing outside Beijing.
88.  Oct. 21, South Korea: A central section of the Sungsoo Bridge, which crosses the Han River in Seoul, collapsed during the morning rush hour; 32 people were confirmed dead.
89.  Oct. 26, Brazil: A bus lost control on a wet road near Rondonópolis in central Brazil and slammed into a truck; 18 people were killed and 13 were injured.
90.  Oct. 27, Brazil: Twelve passengers and the driver of a bus headed towards Formiga were killed when it crossed a divider and collided with a fuel truck.
91.  Oct. 28, Indonesia: At least 13 people were killed when a public transit minibus was hit by an express train in the Lamongan district of Java.
92.  Nov. 8, China: An overcrowded bus carrying predominantly migrant workers crashed into a train in Henan Province, killing 16 people and injuring 35.
93.  Dec. 14, Mozambique: Two trucks traveling on a highway north of Maputo had a head-on collision, causing barrels of oil on one of the trucks to burst into flame; 45 people died and dozens were wounded.
94.  Dec. 26, Arizona: A head-on collision between a pickup truck and another vehicle on a rural stretch of highway in a Navajo Indian reservations left eight people dead.
95.  Dec. 28, Venezuela: A passenger bus slammed into another bus on a mountain highway, shoving it into an oil pipeline that exploded; at least 30 people died.


96.  May 23, Saudi Arabia: At least 250 Muslim worshippers died during the annual pilgrimage to Mecca when a crowd stampeded during a 'stone the devil' ritual at a sacred cavern in Mina.
97.  July 17, Rwanda: Rwandan refugees crossing from Gisenyi to Goma, Zaire, stampeded when rebel mortar shells began exploding in Gisenyi; an estimated 30 to 50 people were killed.
98.  Nov. 23, India: An estimated 130 people were killed when a stampede broke out during a massive protest rally being held in the city of Nagpur by tribes demanding greater opportunities.

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