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Monday 10 August 2015

The Past of PH Today: August 10, 1898, Lorenzo Tañada Sr.

Senator Tañada, the grand old man of the Philippine politics.

Senator Tañada the longest-serving senator in Philippine history was born on August 10, 1898 in Gumaca, Quezon. He started primary school at the elementary schools in Gumaca and Antimonan, Quezon and completed his intermediate and secondary education at De La Salle College. He obtained his AB. and law degrees from the University of the Philippines; Master of Laws from Harvard University; and Doctor of Civil Law from the University of Santo Tomas.
Lorenzo married Expedita Zaballero Ebarle in 1927 with whom he had 9 children. He died on August 9, 1992 at the age of 93.

Tañada, often called as the "grand old man of the Philippine politics", dedicated his life to the untiring struggle for nationalism, independence and sovereignty in the country. He served as a Philippine senator for 24 years.

In 1929, he became assistant city fiscal of Manila. In 1936, after having received his doctorate degree, Justice Francisco Delgado invited him to form the law of Delgado and Tañada. In 1945, President Osmeña appointed him judge of the Court of the First Instance of Manila. That same year, he was made solicitor general and chief of the Office of Special Prosecutors. It was in the latter capacity where he projected his type of persuasion; he believed that truth and social justice and honest government were the means to keep the people happy in the pursuit of their sovereign rights.

Tañada was elected senator in 1948. He got re - elected in 1953, 1959 and 1965. He is the president of the nationalist - citizens Party under whose banner he ran for vice - president together with presidential candidate Claro M. Recto.

The legislative record of Tañada speaks well for itself; he sponsored the bill requiring government officials to make public their assets and liabilities; the Tañada Picketing Law which gives protection to laborers on strike; the law changing the Philippine Independence Day from July 4th to June 12; and the infamous bill which prohibits discrimination in the employment of persons by corporations. An important bill to his credit is the law, which prohibits and penalizes wiretapping and other related violations of the privacy of communication.

Because of this distinguished record as public official, several organizations have singled him out for numerous awards. Senator Tañada has demonstrated that a career in public service and a Christian way of life is possible, as it should be emulated.

On his birthday in 1986, Tañada received the Philippine Legion of Honor, the country’s highest award, from President Corazon Aquino for opposing the presence of American troops in the country.

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