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Saturday 31 October 2015

All Saint's Day (November 01) & All Soul's Day (November 02), don't be confused.

All Saint's Day & All Soul's Day.

Here in the Philippines, it is commonly called "Undas", "Todos los Santos" (literally "All Saints"), and sometimes "Araw ng mga Patay" (approximately "Day of the dead") is observed as All Souls' Day. This day and the one before and one after it is spent visiting the graves of deceased relatives, where prayers and flowers are offered, candles are lit and the graves themselves are cleaned, repaired and repainted. - Catholic Online.

It is also known as All Hallows Tide, All-Hallomas, or All Hallows' Day. Pope Gregory IV made All Saints' Day an authorized holiday in 837 CE. All Saints' Day, which is celebrated globally, is closely tied with All Souls’ Day, which was first instituted at the monastery in Cluny in 993 CE and quickly spread among Christians.  Time and Date.

Definition of Terms.

  1. All Saints' Day or the Holy Day of Obligation is a solemn holy day of the Catholic Church celebrated annually on November 01. The day is dedicated to the saints of the Church, that is, all those who have attained heaven - Catholic Online
  2. All Soul's Day is dedicated to those who have died and not yet reached heaven. It is observed on November 02. All Souls Day is a holy day set aside for honoring the dead. The day is primarily celebrated in the Catholic Church, but it is also celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox Church and a few other denominations of Christianity. The Anglican church is the largest protestant church to celebrate the holy day but most protestant denominations do not recognize the holiday and disagree with the theology behind it. - Catholic Online.
  3. Halloween is a secular holiday that comes the night before All Saints' DayIt is usually celebrated by dressing in costumes with themes of death commonly associated. Children go door-to-door in costume, trick-or-treating, that is soliciting candy from their neighbors. The holiday has lost much of its connection to its religious origins. In secular day Halloween is just for fun. - Catholic Online. According to, the word "Halloween" is a "direct derivation of All Saints Day" with "All Hallows" in Old English meaning "the feast of the saints."
  4. November 1 is the 305th day of the year and 306th in leap years in the Gregorian calendar.
  5. Day of the Dead - Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is a series of commemorative days dedicated to those who have died. It is celebrated generally between Halloween, Oct. 31 through Nov. 2, and coincides with the Catholic holy days of All Saints (Nov. 1) and All Souls (Nov. 2). Tradition spread into North America, particularly Mexican and Latin American populations. - Catholic Online.
    • November 01 - the first being Dide los Inocentes, which is dedicated to children.
    • November 02 - Dide los Muertos. The day of the dead.


WHEREAS, Saturday, 2 November 2013, falling between Friday, 1 November 2013 (All Saints Day) and Sunday, has been traditionally declared a special (non- working) day throughout the country;

VVHEREAS, to give full opportunity to our people to properly observe All Saints Day with all its religious fervor which invariably requires them to travel to and from different: regions .in the country, Saturday, 2 November 2013, may be declared as a special (nonworking) day without detriment to public interest;

Image sources credits to Catholic Online Videos

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