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Thursday 7 April 2016

How to Upgrade your Tattoo USB stick?


  • The Tattoo stick
  • The new firmware .EXEcutable file.
  • A Windows-based computer preferred: Windows XP


  • When using a laptop, make sure that you have enough battery power.
  • AutoRun dashboard of Tattoo must close
  • Never remove the USB stick from the USB port during the upgrade process.

Upgrade Steps.

  1. Insert the Tattoo stick into a vacant USB port.
  2. Download the firmware and software upgrade from the Tattoo site. Save it on a folder on your PC (preferably the Desktop, so that you won't have problems finding it).
  3. Double-click the file with "Update" first to launch the firmware upgrade wizard.
  4. Read through and accept the license agreement. Click "Next" to continue. The wizard will then search for the USB stick.
  5. Click "Next" on the succeeding dialog boxes, and click "Start" on the update wizard when it appears.
  6. Once the update process is complete, click "OK" and click "Finish."
  7. Then go back to your downloaded files, this time double-click on the software upgrade file to launch software upgrade wizard. Follow steps 4 to 6.
  8. Go to My Computer, and double-click the Broadband icon to install the new application software.
  9. Click "Yes" to uninstall the old application and re-install the new Tattoo application software.

List of Tattoo Huawei Model.

  1. Huawei E153
  2. Huawei E158
  3. Huawei E1552
  4. Huawei E160
  5. Huawei E160E
  6. Huawei E220 (For MAC users) Support
  7. Huawei E303 (For Windows 8 and MAC 10.8.2) Support
  8. Huawei E357s-2-Postpaid
  9. Huawei E357s-2-Postpaid (For MAC users) Support
  10. Huawei E357s-2 TA-Prepaid (For Windows 8 and MAC 10.8.2) Support
  11. Huawei E367
  12. Huawei E367 (For MAC users) Support
  13. Huawei E392u-12
  14. Huawei E392u-12 (For MAC users) Support
  15. Huawei E5331s-2 (For Windows 8 and MAC Mountain Lion 10.8.2) Support
  16. Huawei E355s-2 (For Windows 8 and MAC Mountain Lion 10.8.2) Support
  17. Huawei E586Es-2 (For Windows 8 and MAC Mountain Lion 10.8.2) Support

How to BOOST Tattoo Stick signal?

Adjust the Default Network Setting from "WCDMA Preferred" to "WCDMA Only."
How do you adjust Network settings?

Once the GUI is installed in your computer and launched,
Choose WCDMA Only.


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