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Wednesday 6 July 2016

BIR/SSS/Philhealth/PagIbig Contribution Table plus guide to solve your income tax.

All-in BIR/SSS/Philhealth/PagIbig Contribution Reference Table

Here in this post, you can find the reference for your breakdown of your Income Tax, SSS, Philhealth and Pag-IBIG contribution.


Philhealth Memo: Members shall be entitled to in-patient hospital care including all case rate packages and catastrophic illness in the Case Type Z Benefit Package, out-patient coverage and other special benefit package under the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP).
Philhealth Contribution Table


Pag-IBIG Contribution Table

Social Security System (SSS)

SSS Contribution for ER and EE
SSS Contribution Table for SE,VM, OFW

How to Compute your Income Tax?

What are the information needed for you to compute your income tax?
  1. Status (Zero Exemption, Single and Married for Dependent and Non-dependent Children) see Legend at Tax Table at the bottom part.
  2. Do you have any dependents and how many? 
  3. How much is your SSS/Philhealth and PagIbig contributions 
  4. Allowances and other benefits if any 
  5. Copy of the BIR Tax table. See Tax Table at the bottom.
Computation’s Given Formula:
  • Taxable income = Monthly Basic Pay + Overtime Pay + Holiday Pay + Night Differential - Tardiness- Absences - SSS/Philhealth/PagIbig deductions 
  • Look for the nearest figures with your taxable income and the nearest amount.
  • Excess = (Taxable income – nearest amount) x over%
  • Total Tax = Exemption amount + Excess

BIR Tax Table Semi-Monthly and Monthly

Revised Withholding Tax Table

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