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Wednesday 18 January 2017

DOH to distribute condom in schools.

Condoms will not be given away in schools like candies - Ubial.

Date: 01-17-2017

Before we react on Health's program to distribute condom in schools, let us know their ground first.

Point 1: Promoting Health against HIV and STDs - the idea of distributing condoms in school clinics to reach out to sexually active teenagers, after it was found that 29 percent of new HIV cases belonged to the 15-24 age group.

Point 2: Advocating abstinence from premarital sex and a delay in sexual debut among youths. - Providing condoms does not promote promiscuity but instead makes sexually active teens more aware and cautious of unwanted pregnancies.

Health Sec. Ubial also explained that condoms will not be given away in schools like candies, but will be distributed through the school clinics where recipients will be given counseling. The health and education departments are set to discuss the plan.

The secretary also said to those who oppose to the distribution that, “Let's hear your ideas,” and does not impose belief on others. “Let those who want to practice safe sex do so".

Netizens, what can you say on this? Share your thoughts now!

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