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Thursday 31 August 2017

BPI Savings Account 2017 Update: How to Apply Savings Account.

BPI Savings Account 2017 Update: Requirements 

  1. Valid ID with photo and signature
  2. 1x1 ID picture
  3. Initial deposit
  4. Utility Bill reflecting address

BPI Savings Account 2017 Update: Steps

  1. Visit a BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branch near you.
  2. Advise the teller/banker that you’re going to open a BPI savings account. Check the types of savings account in BPI below to see what kind of savings account that is appropriate for you.
  3. Fill up and complete the application form. Make sure you double check all the information.
  4. Wait until your transaction and provide the completed application form, the requirements and the initial deposit required for the type of savings account you’re opening.
  5. Allow a day to have your account activated. The ATM or Passbook will be given to you right away. In some cases, it will take around 2-3 days.
  6. They may ask you or you can request to enroll your account to their online banking facility. Please take advantage of this feature as it has many advantages and benefits.

Types of BPI Savings Account

  1. Express Teller - an ATM Savings account that provides you 24-hour superior banking convenience!
  2. Save-Up - start building your savings today for yourself and for your loved ones
    1. No initial deposit
    2. Automated savings
    3. Can be enrolled to BPI online banking
    4. You have 2 variant options (a) Save up high that has high interest or (b) Save up with free accident and free life insurance
  3. Advance Savings* - For OFws, time is money. BPI Advance Savings account allows you to enjoy the interest of your deposit ahead of time. *Note: Available in BPI branches only.
  4. Jumpstart^ - teach the value of savings to your children even you are away of home.
    1. Initial deposit: P100
    2. Required maintaining balance: P1,000/month
    3. Required balance to earn interest: P2,000
    4. Interest rate: 0.250% (per annum)
    5. Guaranteed savings (portion of the funds can be protect from withdrawal)
    6. Allowance transfer facility (used to automate transfer of allowance from your other BPI savings account)
    7. Can be used as debit and privilege card
    1. Initial deposit: P50,000 for ATM or P75,000 for Passbook
    2. Required maintaining balance: P50,000 for ATM or P75,000 for Passbook
    3. Required balance to earn interest: P50,000 for ATM or P75,000 for Passbook
    4. Interest rate:
      1. Less than Php 50,000 – N.A.
      2. 50,000 – 499,999 – 0.250%
      3. 500,000 – 999,999 – 0.375%
      4. 1M and above – 1.000%
    5. With 0.5% BONUS p.a. if no withdrawal within a month
  6. Pamana Savings Account with FREE Life Insurance - you can earn interest on your savings at may FREE Life Insurance ka pa worth 5x ng account balance mo." "Ang savings natin, for the family.
  1. Passbook - is the sensible way to safe keep your money. Earn interest on your funds and monitor your account transactions the simple way.
    1. Initial/Maintaining Deposit = P10,000/month
    2. Required balance to earn interest: P25,000
    3. Interest rate: 0.250% (per annum)
  2. Foreign Currency - enjoy maximum convenience in monitoring your account. Let your US Dollars, Yen, Euros, Pounds, Francs and other currencies grow with us. *Note: Third currencies available in select BPI branches.


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