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Tuesday 22 August 2017

How to Unlock/Openline your Huawei pocket wifi (smart,globe,sun)?

Unlocking Huawei pocket wifi 

You should have the following:

  • Google Account
  • Device IMEI (ex. 869470071693453) located usually at the back cover of pocket WIFI
  • Huawei Pocket Wifi
  • Sim Card (SMART SIM on Globe pocket WIFI and Vice-versa)
Steps and Procedure
  1. Go to this site: This site will generete the code that will unock your wifi.
  2. Sign to your google account and input the information (IMEI and Model ) then click CALCULATE
  3. Click +1 to see the result and copy the 8 digit unlock code.  Reminder: Use NEW ALGO CODE ONLY! Using the old algo will result to permanent lock of your device. Do at your own risk!
  4. Insert other SIM to your pocket WIFI (ex. insert SMART SIM on Globe pocket WIFI)
  5. Go to for Smart or for Globe on your browser and the device will prompt for the unlock code, simply insert the 8 digit unlock code provided by the calculator.
  6. You may use your Globe, SMART or SUN pocket WIFI as usual.

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