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Saturday 23 September 2017

SHAREit: Simple Guide on how to connect your Phone/Devices to PC [with screenshots]

Connect your Mobile to PC using SHAREit App.

Transferring of files are very essentials right now and if you are always doing this, this App should be fit especially if there's no Bluetooth available on your Laptop.

SHAREit is an application that can also be used to transfer files from PC to Phone/Other devices or vice-versa. For those, who need to be guided with this, I'll show you on this tutorial on how to setup SHAREit and connect to PC. Just read and follow the steps below:

1. Open SHAREit Application on your Computer. [There should be a hotspot that will be the bridge of sharing connection, see image below]

2. Open SHAREit on your Phone/Device. Then Click the 3 horizontal dotted at the upper left corner. See red box at the image below:

3. Now, Click Connect to PC. See red box in the image below.

4. It will automatically Scan the PC. Just wait until the PC is find from the radar circle. No need to click the Scan to Connect or PC Search Mobile. See image below:

5. Once the PC is searched, tap or click it from the radar circle. See image below:

 6. Go back to your PC and accept connection request. Click Accept button. See image below:

 7. Once accepted, wait until both devices are connected.

 8. Once connecting of the devices are done, you'll receive this message. "Already Connected. Start to transfer files no." You can now start transferring files from both devices.

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