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Wednesday 27 December 2017

PAGASA: Philippine Weather Condition issued 5:00 PM, 27 December 2017.

Tail-End of a Cold Front affecting the Eastern Section of Southern Luzon. Northeast Monsoon affecting Northern and Central Luzon.

PAGASA: Philippine Weather Condition - issued at: 5:00 PM today, 27 December 2017.

Tail - End of a Cold Front will bring Cloudy skies with scattered rains and thunderstorms in CALABARZON, Bicol Region, and Eastern Visayas.

Cloudy skies withscattered rains and thunderstorms will be experience in Caraga and Davao Region due to Easterlies.

Metro Manila, Cagayan Valley region, Cordillera Administrative Region, and the province of Aurora will experience Cloudy skies with scattered rains due to Northeast Monsoon.

Rest of Luzon will have a Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated light rains also due to Northeast Monsoon.

Localized Thunderstorms will bring Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated rainshowers in the rest of Visayas and of Mindanao.

PRESS RELEASE:  Rumors about Super Typhoon - 23 December 2017

There were rumours circulating in social media platform like Facebook regarding a super typhoon that might affect the country this coming January 2018. The current weather analysis shows that there is a possible formation of tropical cyclone this coming January 2018. Based on historical records, it is normal for the month of January to have 0-1 tropical cyclone. But, predicting the tropical cyclone intensity to reach super typhoon category for more than 1 week ahead has a very high uncertainty. The atmosphere is very dynamic hence constant monitoring is necessary.

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La Niña will bring much rainfall during the remaining portion of the year and first quarter of 2018.

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