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Friday 22 December 2017

PAYMAYA: Exceeded Account Limits Solution for sending money.

PAYMAYA Error Message for Exceed Account Limit

Guide for Paymaya Exceed Account Limits - "sending money to smart money Unavailable".

The main reason for this kind of error is whether yours' or the other account had already reached 100,000.00 amount limit per month. Then, if that'll will be the case, you need to wait for the month until it automatically reset again. Support is unable to by-pass this such kind of feature. Also, make sure that you have enough money as well as the needed service charge in order to make the transaction successful. However, if both concerned account still didn't reached the said limit then you will need to contact the Support in order to assist your concern properly and immediately. They are good in handling this kind of issues.

For other inquiries you can call our customer service hotline at (632) 845 7788, toll-free 1 800 10 845 7788, or *788 then press "0" using your Smart mobile phone.


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