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Monday 13 July 2015

1995 World Disaster

World aerospace, fire and explosion, marine, mine, natural, rail, traffic and miscellaneous disaster.

1995: Disasters
Some of the major disasters that occurred during 1995 follow.


1.      Jan. 12, Colombia: An Intercontinental de Aviacion flight exploded in midair then crashed into a marsh near the town of María La Baja, killing all but one of the 51 people on board.
2.      Mar. 31, Romania: A Tarom Airlines jet crashed into a field in the village of Balotesti shortly after takeoff, 13 miles north of Bucharest, killing all 60 people on board.
3.      May 24, England: A Knight Air commuter airplane crashed not far from the Leeds-Bradford airport after its engine was hit by a lightning bolt; all 12 people aboard were killed.
4.      June 16, Russia: A single-engine plane crashed en route to Nikolayevsk-on-Amur in the Russian Far East, killing the two pilots and ten passengers.
5.      June 18, Angola: The private plane of an Angolan soccer team crashed on the southern coast near Catumbela; 48 passengers on the overcrowded flight were killed.
6.      June 24, Nigeria: At least 15 people were killed when a plane crashed while landing at the Lagos airport.
7.      July 12, Papua New Guinea: At least 17 people died when a small plane crashed on the southeast tip of the mainland.
8.      July 18, Madagascar: A military plane delivering humanitarian aid crashed as it was landing outside the capital, Antananarivo; 34 passengers and crew were killed.
9.      Aug. 9, El Salvador: Sixty-five people were killed in El Salvador's worst aviation disaster to date, when Aviateca Flight 901 crashed near the summit of Chichontepec volcano, 37 miles east of San Salvador.
10.  Sept. 9, Colombia: Hampered by heavy fog, a plane flying over the jungles of southern Colombia crashed near La Macarena, killing 20 of the 21 people aboard.
11.  Sept. 10, Virginia: A plane carrying sky divers crashed into a house in Tidewater, killing all 11 on board and one man on the ground.
12.  Sept. 15, Malaysia: At least 37 people were killed when a Malaysian Airlines plane crash-landed in a shantytown near the runway in the town of Tawau.
13.  Sept. 21, Mongolia: A Mongolian MIAT Airlines plane went down in the town of Duurengiinam in northwest Mongolia; 34 people were killed.
14.  Sept. 22, Alaska: A U.S. Air Force surveillance plane went down in a ball of flames near Elmendorf Air Force Base, killing all 24 aboard.
15.  Nov. 8, Argentina: Members of the Argentinean Air Force and their families, on their way to celebrate their 25th anniversary of graduation from aviation school, were killed when their plane crashed into a hillside near Villa Dolores; all 53 on board were killed.
16.  Nov. 13, Nigeria: A Boeing 737 burst into flames upon landing in the northern state of Kaduna; at least 50 people were killed and another 40 were injured.
17.  Dec. 3, Cameroon: A Cameroon Airlines jet crashed on landing at the Douala airport; 72 people were killed.
18.  Dec. 7, Russia: A Russian jetliner carrying 97 people crashed in the remote Bo-Jaus mountains near the Pacific coast. There were no survivors.
19.  Dec. 13, Italy: All 94 people on boardwere killed when a Romanian Banat Air charter plane crashed minutes after takeoff from the Verona airport.
20.  Dec. 18, Angola: At least 139 people were killed when a Zairean charter plane crashed in an unnamed location.
21.  Dec. 20, Colombia: An off-course American Airlines jetliner traveling from Miami crashed near the mountain town of Buga, just north of Cali, the plane's destination. All but four of the 164 people aboard were killed.


22.  Jan. 3, China: A blast originating from high-voltage power lines along a sidewalk killed at least 17 people, injured 61 others, and flattened 19 houses in the provincial capital of Jinan.
23.  Jan. 17, China: An electrical fire in an antiquated wooden building in the central city of Wuhan killed ten people and injured seven others.
24.  Jan. 28, Brazil: Three tons of fireworks exploded as they were unloaded from a van on the outskirts of São Paulo, killing 14 people and demolishing half a city block.
25.  Feb. 7, South Korea: Workers using welding torches in the oil-soaked engine room of the container ship Hanjin Pusan ignited a fire that killed 19 people and gutted the ship. The ship was docked for repairs in the southern port of Pusan.
26.  Feb. 15, Taiwan: A gas explosion at a karaoke restaurant in the central city of T'aichung set off the worst fire in Taiwan's history; 64 people were killed.
27.  Mar. 5, Russia: Ten people staying at a hostel in the Urals region of Bashkortostan were killed when a gas canister exploded.
28.  Mar. 12, Russia: A fire in a hotel in the Siberian town of Irkutsk killed at least 11 people and left 24 others missing.
29.  Mar. 13, China: Twenty-eight people were killed in a fire at a hotel in Anshan, Liaoning Province.
30.  Mar. 20, China: A fire broke out in a hotel in the southern city of Zhongshan in Guangdong Province; 12 people were killed.
31.  Mar. 29, Sudan: A fire gutted the Sheikh Ali Bitaei Koranic school in Butana Province, Gazira State; 30 students were killed.
32.  Apr. 17, Poland: A gas explosion in the city of Gdansk leveled an 11-story apartment building, killing at least 22 residents.
33.  Apr. 23, Vietnam: At least 17 people were killed when an explosion ripped apart a bus outside Lao Cai; the bus was carrying explosives.
34.  Apr. 24, China: In Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, 51 people were killed in a fire in an unlicensed and overcrowded karaoke and disco club.
35.  Apr. 28, South Korea: A leaking gas main at a subway construction site in Taegu set off an explosion that blew cars, trucks, buses, and construction materials through the air, causing 101 deaths and more than 200 injuries.
36.  May 4, India: A blast ripped through a firecracker factory in western India and killed at least ten people, most thought to be illegal child laborers.
37.  May 11, Nigeria: A truck dispensing cooking fuel into a storage tank exploded; 20 people were killed and 100 injured in both the explosion and the subsequent rush to escape the blast.
38.  May 18, China: At least 12 people were killed and 17 injured in a blast at an explosives factory in Daguan.
39.  May 24, India: An explosion at a fireworks factory in the northern town of Rohtak killed at least 23 people.
40.  June 12, Indonesia: At least 22 people were killed and 53 injured when a lunchtime explosion rocked a fireworks factory in central Java.
41.  June 18, Belgium: A restaurant near the German border was gutted by fire after a gas bottle exploded in the kitchen; 16 people were killed.
42.  June 23, Yugoslavia: An explosion at the Grmec chemical plant in Zemun, a suburb of Belgrade, killed ten workers and injured 12 more.
43.  Aug. 31, Vietnam: The fuel tank of the overcrowded ferry Ngoc Thanh traveling near Lai Son Island exploded, causing a fire that killed 23 people and left 14 more missing.
44.  Sept. 2, China: Twenty-three people were killed and at least 60 injured when a fire spread through a cigarette lighter factory in the city of Shunde, in southern Guangdong Province.
45.  Sept. 11, Brazil: A spark caused canisters of gasoline and cooking gas to explode aboard a passenger bus near Pouso Redondo in the state of Sergipe; at least 24 people were killed.
46.  Sept. 11, India: Seventeen people were killed and many others were injured when an explosion set off a raging fire at a fireworks factory in the village of Haturia in West Bengal State.
47.  Sept. 26, Philippines: After firecrackers meant for Christmas sale accidentally exploded, a fire swept through a supermarket in Cagayan de Oro; 14 people were killed.
48.  Oct. 28, Azerbaijan: A malfunctioning electrical system caused a fire that trapped hundreds of people in an underground subway train in the capital, Baku; at least 300 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning and another 200 people were injured.
49.  Dec. 23, India: A devastating fire swept through an outdoor tent filled with families gathered for a year-end school ceremony in the northern town of Mandi Dabwali; more than 540 people, at least half of them children under age ten, were killed.


50.  Jan. 8, Sudan: A ferry capsized in the Nile River, killing 16 women and children on their way to pay respects to a dead relative.
51.  Jan. 15, India: More than 60 Hindu pilgrims drowned when the overcrowded ferry they were riding sank in the Ganges River near the town of Mayagolari in West Bengal State.
52.  Mar. 2, Angola: After its drunken crew fell asleep, a ship ran aground and sank near the town of Sumbe, killing more than 80 passengers.
53.  Mar. 13, Italy: The Greek cargo ship Pelhunter sank off Catania, in eastern Sicily, killing 12 people.
54.  Mar. 23, Angola: A river ferry on the Lucala River in the northern province of Cuanza sank, killing 62 people.
55.  Apr. 5, Ghana: The panicked attempts of passengers to escape an overcrowded boat that had become snarled in a fishing net on Lake Volta caused the boat to capsize; more than 100 people were killed.
56.  Apr. 7, Zambia: At least 19 people drowned after a river ferry capsized in the Luapula River in northern Zambia.
57.  May 16, Philippines: The inter-island ferry Antipolo sank in Tayabas Bay after its engine exploded, starting a fire; at least 65 people were killed.
58.  June 14, Thailand: A floating jetty on the Chao Phraya River collapsed and sank during morning rush hour, killing 29 people.
59.  July 19, Vietnam: A ferry headed for Ho Chi Minh City collided with an oil tanker in the Long An River and sank, killing at least 17 of the passengers.
60.  July 20, Vietnam: Seventeen people died when livestock aboard a ferry in the Mekong Delta suddenly stampeded after the ferry Duc Thanh collided with a stationary oil tanker; the shifting weight caused the ferry to sink.
61.  July 22, Bangladesh: A large storm off Cox's Bazar swamped some 20 fishing trawlers, killing at least 48 of the 100 fishermen aboard.
62.  Aug. 3, India: A ferry in the flooded Damodar River in West Bengal State sank during a storm, killing at least 60 of its 100 passengers.
63.  Aug. 3, Bangladesh: Thirty-two fishermen were drowned after a storm in the Bay of Bengal capsized four fishing boats off Barisal.
64.  Aug. 9, India: At least 35 people drowned when the boat they were riding in capsized in the Ganges River near Bakhtiyarpur in Bihar State; 25 others died when their boat sank in the Kare River near Rosera, also in Bihar State.
65.  Aug. 11, Pakistan: A boat smashed into a pillar of a half-built bridge in the Jehlum River; at least 20 people aboard were killed.
66.  Aug. 12, Indonesia: Eleven people drowned when an overloaded lifeboat collided with a barge near Madura Island, off Java.
67.  Aug. 15, Bangladesh: In a deadly day on the water, 150 people drowned in the Chitra River near Jessore when their ferry, the Basanti, was caught in a storm and capsized. That same day, a ferry carrying nearly double its capacity sank in the Narail district, east of Dhaka, killing at least 50 people.
68.  Aug. 18, Yemen: A wooden cargo vessel carrying 175 people, mainly Eritreans, sank near a Yemeni Red Sea island; at least 101 people were killed.
69.  Aug. 28, Indonesia: Eleven people were killed when a ferry capsized and sank in a storm near the island of Bali.
70.  Aug. 29, Nigeria: A ferry carrying more than 300 people smashed into a giant rock in the sea near Oron; as many as 200 were feared drowned.
71.  Sept. 11, India: A crowded boat traveling on the Ganges River in the eastern state of Bihar collided with a bridge and overturned; at least 40 people drowned.'


72.  Jan. 1, China: A blast in a coal mine near Tongling in the central province of Shaanxi killed 16 miners and injured five others.
73.  Jan. 10, China: Workers prematurely detonated 10 tons of explosives in the Xinhua molybdenum mine near Chaoyang in Liaoning Province, killing ten workers inside the mine.
74.  Jan. 17, China: A gas explosion in the Lingtou coal mine in Guangxi Zhuangzu Autonomous Region killed all the miners in the Jiandou pit.
75.  Feb. 26, Pakistan: A methane gas explosion in the Gilani coal mine near the town of Quetta buried 27 men, killing them all.
76.  Mar. 13, China: Thirty-two people were killed in a giant explosion in a mine in Fuyuan County in Yunnan Province.
77.  Mar. 26, China: An explosion at a coal mine near the city of Pingdingshan in Henan Province killed 40 people.
78.  Mar. 26, Turkey: A methane gas explosion in a coal mine in the town of Sorgun in Yozgat Province caused the deaths of 36 miners.
79.  Mar. 31, Russia: Ten workers attempting to repair damage from a previous methane explosion that killed five people were killed in a second, similar explosion in Vorkuta.
80.  Apr. 29, China: Coal dust ignited by an open flame caused an explosion at Dongfeng coal mine in the western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, killing 22 people.
81.  May 10, South Africa: After entering the wrong tunnel in the Vaal Reefs gold mine, a 12-ton train jumped its track, plunged into a mine shaft, fell onto an elevator crowded with miners, and snapped the elevator cable; the train and elevator then dropped 1,650 feet to the shaft bottom, crushing all of the more than 100 workers in the elevator to death.
82.  June 22, China: Illegal tunneling and drilling without proper ventilation caused a gas explosion that killed 21 miners in the southwestern city of Guiyang.
83.  Aug. 31, Spain: Fourteen miners died in Spain's worst mine disaster in 20 years when a combination of coal dust, methane gas, and air set off an underground explosion in the San Nicolas pit in the mining town of Mieres, in northern Spain.
84.  Sept. 4, Russia: The elevator at a mine in western Siberia collapsed after an explosion, leaving at least 15 workers dead and four missing.
85.  Nov. 14, China: Water gushed into a mine near Zaozhuang in Shandong Province, killing 14 people.
86.  Nov. 20, Philippines: A buildup of methane gas in a coal mine in Surigao del Sur Province on the island of Mindanao triggered an explosion; 12 miners were killed and 17 were missing and believed dead.
87.  Nov. 24, Kazakhstan: Thirteen miners died in a methane gas explosion in the Lenin coal mines in the northern Karaganda region.


88.  Jan. 16, India: An avalanche blocked a road in the province of Jammu and Kashmir, trapping hundreds inside a tunnel for days. Estimates of the death toll ranged from 60 to 140 people.
89.  Jan. 17, Japan: An earthquake measuring 6.8 in magnitude struck near the port city of Kobe, killing more than 6,000 people and leaving 300,000 homeless; the quake was Japan's deadliest since 1923.
90.  Mar. 8-15, California: Flooding throughout the state killed 15 people and caused more than $2 billion in property damage.
91.  May 28, Russia: An earthquake measuring 7.5 in magnitude hit the oil town of Neftegorsk on the eastern island of Sakhalin, leaving 2,000 people dead and hundreds more injured. Poor construction, icy nighttime weather, and the remote location of the island were blamed for the high death toll.
92.  June 15, Greece: An earthquake in the town of Egion collapsed buildings and caused the deaths of 18 people.
93.  June 22-25, China: Torrential rains triggered floods and landslides, causing 52 deaths and marooning more than 38,000 people in Hunan Province.
94.  June 30, Malaysia: Pouring rain caused a mudslide that buried vehicles on their way to a casino in the Genting Highlands resort; at least 20 people were killed.
95.  July 10-22, Bangladesh: Monsoon flooding in northern Bangladesh left more than 250 people dead from drowning, snake bites, and contaminated water; more than 15 million lost their homes.
96.  July 12-17, Illinois: A potent heat wave that affected much of the northern United States killed well over 500 people in Chicago—more than half of all those killed nationwide. The elderly, disabled, and poor were particularly hard hit.
97.  July 22, China: An earthquake measuring 5.8 in magnitude in northwest Gansu Province killed 14 people and left over 5,000 others homeless.
98.  July 23-28, Colombia: Landslides caused by heavy rains killed more than 63 people, with many deaths occurring near the northwest city of Fredonia.
99.  July 23, South Korea: Typhoon Faye hit the southern coast of Korea with winds over 100 mph, killing at least 16 people and causing an oil spill as it traveled up through central and eastern regions.
100.                      July 24, Pakistan: At least 100 people were killed in floods, landslides, and lightning strikes in the Swat district of the North-West Frontier Province. Days earlier, flash floods killed at least 150 people in the southern provinces of Sind and Baluchistan.
101.                      July 24-Aug. 8, China: At least 123 people died in northeastern Jilin and Liaoning Provinces in some of the worst flooding of the century; over 3 million people were forced to relocate.
102.                      July 25-30, India: Seventy-two people were killed by landslides caused by floods and heavy monsoon rains in the Kashmir region.
103.                      Aug. 5, Pakistan: About 20 people were killed in northwestern Pakistan after heavy rains caused landslides and flooding.
104.                      Aug. 8, Nigeria: Heavy rains caused flooding in the city of Jos; the death toll was estimated to be between 11 and 30 people.
105.                      Aug. 9, Spain: Flash floods killed at least ten people, most of them in the town of Yebra, east of Madrid.
106.                      Aug. 12-13, China: Tropical Storm Helen brought heavy rain and strong winds that killed 23 people and caused $160 million in damages in southern Guangdong Province.
107.                      Aug. 26-27, North and South Korea: At least 45 people were killed by landslides, swollen streams and rivers, and lightning brought by Typhoon Janis.
108.                      Sept. 2-8, India: Swollen by monsoon rains, the Yamuna River overflowed its banks, causing severe flooding in New Delhi slums and elsewhere in northern India; more than 400 people were killed in the floods.
109.                      Sept. 6, India: At least 22 people were killed when a building collapsed after two days of torrential rains in Darlury, a village in northeastern Sikkim State.
110.                      Sept. 6, Philippines: A landslide in the volcanic crater of Mount Parker on Mindanao Island caused massive flooding that buried much of the nearby village of T'boli in mud and left at least 46 inhabitants dead.
111.                      Sept. 12, India: Fifty workers were feared dead after a landslide in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh.
112.                      Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Philippines: At least 74 people were killed and another 176,000 left homeless when Typhoon Sybil swept across the country.
113.                      Oct. 1, Turkey: 89 people were killed when an earthquake shook the market town of Dinar.
114.                      Oct. 7, Indonesia: The south-central province of Jambi on the island of Sumatra was hit by a massive earthquake that killed at least 100 people and damaged over 10,000 buildings.
115.                      Oct. 8, China: A landslide of stone and mud buried a long-distance bus in Lishui in the coastal province of Zhejiang, killing all 37 people aboard.
116.                      Oct. 9, Mexico: An earthquake measuring 7.6 in magnitude rocked the Pacific coast states of Colima, Jalisco, and Michoacán; more than 50 people were killed by the temblor.
117.                      Oct. 24, China: At least 51 people died in a earthquake that shook Wuding County in southwest Yunnan Province and left another 20,000 homeless.
118.                      Oct. 26, Iceland: Heavy snows caused an avalanche in the fishing village of Flateyri, killing 20 people.
119.                      Nov. 3, Philippines: Typhoon Angela smashed into the northern Philippines, killing at least 351 people, leaving another 237 missing, and forcing more than 500,000 into evacuation centers. Another 170 people were feared dead in a landslide set off by the heavy rains near the town of Calauag.
120.                      Nov. 10, Nepal: At least 22 people, most of them Japanese trekkers, were killed in an avalanche near Mount Everest. The same storm also brought rains to western Nepal that killed another 11 people.
121.                      Dec. 25, South Africa: Heavy rains in the Kwazulu Natal Province caused flooding of the Umsunduze River and its tributary, the Slangspruit; the floods killed at least 135 people, many of them from Imbali township.


122.                      Jan. 13, Bangladesh: A signaling error resulted in one of Bangladesh's worst train disasters when an express train crashed into a passenger train in the northern border town of Hili; more than 100 people were killed.
123.                      Mar. 13, Ethiopia: A passenger train plummeted into a ravine after falling off a bridge damaged by rain 170 miles east of Addis Ababa; 25 people died.
124.                      May 14, India: An express train collided with a goods train near the city of Salem in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, killing at least 50 people.
125.                      June 2, India: Forty-eight people were killed when a passenger train crashed into a goods train near Kalubathan station on the border of the eastern states of Bihar and West Bengal.
126.                      June 24, Czech Republic: A passenger train collided with runaway railcars carrying scrap near the city of Chrudim, killing 18 people.
127.                      Aug. 20, India: A train carrying 1,300 passengers crashed into another train that had stopped near Firozabad after colliding with a cow; more than 300 people were killed and another 400 were injured.
128.                      Oct. 24, Indonesia: As many as 17 people were killed and 100 injured when a passenger train derailed in a mountainous area near the West Java town of Tasikmalaya.
129.                      Dec. 21, Egypt: At least 75 people were killed when a fast-moving commuter train rammed into the rear of a passenger train, causing both to derail and crush a row of wooden vending stalls along the tracks in the town of El Badrashein.


130.                      Jan. 14, Thailand: Twenty-five people were killed on a mountain road in northern Tak Province when a bus hit a motorcycle, then crashed through a barrier and plunged 160 feet down the mountainside.
131.                      Feb. 11, China: An overcrowded, speeding bus plunged into a river in Guangdong Province, killing 32 of the 70 passengers.
132.                      Mar. 9, Pakistan: Twenty-three people were killed when a truck carrying pilgrims to a Muslim shrine crashed into a bus outside Sukkur in southern Sind Province.
133.                      Mar. 12, India: A collision outside Madras between a passenger bus and a gasoline tanker truck caused a fire that spread to a tractor-trailer carrying a marriage party; more than 110 people were killed.
134.                      Mar. 13, Mexico: A bus careened over a 30-foot embankment in the state of Queretaro after the driver, who had been at the wheel 15 consecutive hours, apparently fell asleep; 27 people were killed.
135.                      Apr. 15, Egypt: A train hit a packed bus at a railroad crossing in the Nile Delta, killing at least 49 of the passengers.
136.                      May 3, Turkey: A speeding bus skidded into a roadside ditch between Bodrum and İzmir in the southwestern province of Mugla, killing 21 people and injuring 18.
137.                      May 5, Thailand: A semi trailer truck and a bus collided head-on after the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel in Ayutthaya Province, killing 24 people and injuring 22 more.
138.                      May 15, Kenya: Twenty people were killed and 26 injured on the road between Kisumu and Busia after a minibus crashed into a coach.
139.                      June 2, Peru: A bus traveling at night and guided only by a flashlight tied to its front plummeted off the road into a 120-foot ravine near La Oroya, killing 24 of its passengers.
140.                      June 4, India: Near Kolhapur in the western state of Maharashtra, a truck driver lost control and swerved off the road into a ditch, killing 23 laborers on their way to a construction site.
141.                      June 17, China: A bus trying to pass a truck on the border of Zhejiang and Jiangxi Provinces lost control and fell into the Changshan River, killing 27 passengers.
142.                      June 21, Pakistan: After its driver lost control, a passenger bus fell off a bridge into the Jhelum River. Police believed as many as 45 were killed.
143.                      June 22, India: Twenty-four people were killed when the bus they were on plummeted into a 600-foot gorge in Bhakunda in Uttar Pradesh State.
144.                      July 7, Iran: A head-on crash between a bus and a truck near the northeastern city of Qa'en killed 23 people, including both drivers, and injured 23.
145.                      July 10, France: A bus traveling to Spain from the Netherlands overturned on a highway in southern France, killing 23 people and injuring another 32.
146.                      July 13, Iran: A bus collided with a truck on a road near Takestan, 120 miles west of Tehran, killing 25 people.
147.                      July 15, India: A public bus veered into an overflowing canal in Bara District of Rajasthan State, killing 22 of the passengers and leaving 23 more missing.
148.                      July 23, Vietnam: A bus swerving to avoid an approaching car on a narrow mountain road in Lai Chau Province in northern Vietnam plunged 230 feet into a ravine, killing 27 people.
149.                      Aug. 1, Mexico: More than 25 people were killed and another 29 were injured when a bus crossed the highway median and collided with another bus near the town of Matehuala in the state of San Luis Potosí.
150.                      Aug. 2, Venezuela: A collision between two buses on the outskirts of Valencia killed at least 20 people and injured 25 others.
151.                      Aug. 7, China: A bus plummeted into a valley and exploded in flames in Maowen County in Sichuan Province; at least 30 passengers were killed.
152.                      Aug. 16, Iran: Twenty-two people were killed and 13 others were injured when a truck and a bus collided on the Shahrud-Zabzevar road in northeastern Iran. A second truck and bus collision, this one near Gorgan, left 18 people dead.
153.                      Aug. 20, Mexico: Twenty-five people were killed when their bus plunged off the road into a ravine near the town of Temaxcalapa in the eastern state of Veracruz.
154.                      Aug. 22, China: A farmer carrying passengers in a truck that had been discarded as scrap collided with a tractor and fell into a ditch in Hunan Province, killing 30 people and injuring 22.
155.                      Aug. 29, Zimbabwe: Thirty-six people were killed when their bus collided with a timber truck in the mountainous region of Chimanimani.
156.                      Aug. 31, Iran: A crash between three buses and a tanker truck on the Birjand-Nehbandan road in the Khurasan region left 24 people dead. It was the second major accident on the road in three days.
157.                      Sept. 6, Pakistan: Twenty-four people were killed when a bus slid into a ravine near Malakand.
158.                      Sept. 9, China: Twenty-two passengers were killed after their bus hit a bridge and then fell into the Yichang River in the Guangxi Zhuangzu region.
159.                      Oct. 8, Algeria: A truck slid off a wet road into a river near the town of Aflou. The 50 passengers aboard were killed when a bridge over the river collapsed on top of the truck.
160.                      Oct. 28, Thailand: At least 29 people were killed when a truck collided head-on with a tour bus on the Ban Bueng-Klang highway in Chon Buri Province.
161.                      Nov. 1, Iraq: A truck overturned near the northern town of Chamshamal, killing more than 70 people.
162.                      Nov. 16, Iran: A crash between a bus and a trailer truck on a road in Khorazan Province near the town of Neishabur killed 24 people.


163.                      Feb. 24, Iran: The loud explosion of a light bulb triggered a stampede in a mosque in the northern city of Rasht; 14 people were killed in the melee.
164.                      Apr. 28, New Zealand: Fourteen people fell to their death when an overcrowded viewing platform meant to hold only ten people collapsed under their weight in Cave Creek in the Paparoa National Park, a forest on the west coast of South Island.
165.                      June 29, South Korea: A shopping center in Seoul collapsed under its own weight, trapping and killing as many as 650 people in the rubble and leaving more than 900 others injured.

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