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Sunday 19 July 2015

On the Canvass of the Society

Hope of Table

                   I.            On The Canvas Of Society by Joey Velasco

A.    “Hope of the Table” - Representation of Children 
1.      Children abandoned by parents.
2.      Children at very young age got pregnant and gave birth.
3.      Children that looks like forty years old because of the responsibilities that he accepted and no nutrients entering to his body.
4.      Children who don’t have proper shelter.
5.      Children who lives in a squatter area which is soon to be demolish.
6.      Children who learn to steal at very young age.
7.      A ravaged children who encounters some kind of storm.
8.      Children who gain insults, no exact meal in everyday and have not loving mother instead a prostitute mother.
9.      Children who depends on rotten garbage.
10.  Dirty looking man walking great distances.
11.  Family that sleeps on waiting sheds in the middle of a dark cold night.
12.  Children who work on stores as lifters or “kargador”
13.  Children who are special and don’t have proper health.
14.  Children in Africa who experienced the great famine.
15.  Children who learn to steal and soon became thief.
16.  Jesus represents love, hope, care and strength. It also represent the people who care to one another and help the fullest.
Overall it portrays the poverty especially in the third world. Country. They are the lower-lower part of the society who are unstable and begging for help. Maybe sometime in their life they could even experience to breath continuously, to change their life for a change. But maybe no one can even truly notice them.
B.     Question and Answer
1.      What do you feel after watching the video?
Answer: I became guilty to myself. I can’t explain the feeling of being useless for I can’t do anything to those who are less fortunate than me. My heart shattered when I saw their sufferings.
2.      What can you do to help them? What can you do to uplift them from their uneasy life?
Answer:  First of all I will pray for them, because prayer is very powerful and we need to pray for one another. Being part of the society I need to help them because we are built from one nation.
3.      Why is that, most of parents at the present time are the one who are bringing their children into danger?
Answer: Some were saying that it because they want to mold their children to become stronger human being or they want their offspring to be used to the reality that living a happy life is complicated. But the truth is that living life to the fullest is our choice. Being materialistic is not necessary, we can’t bring it in the life after death. Love should always be on the top because God is love. And love should always be the prioritized of us. Perhaps we cannot live without money, but love can help us to make others happy, inspires people to be strong and continue the life in earth.
4.      Why there are children who are force to work instead of spending their time for studying.
Answer: There are parents of the children who engaged their child to work. We know that parents should be responsible not the child to feed them. In that case I would recommend to stop multiplying their children because they will only add another unfortunate child in our society.
5.      “What kinds of storms have hit your life?
Answer: I also encounter a storm in my life, a problem that I would never forget until I lost my last breath. And it made me realize that I am very fortunate and lucky still than those of the children in the picture because I have a family that love and care for me, have little friends but knew that they were true, a gift and blessing God gave to me and above all I have one God that gave His life to set me free.
6.      What do you think is the reason why Jesus is in the image?
Answer: Jesus must be the center of our life. I noticed that I’m not living with my own strength but I am living with God’s grace and mercy.
7.      For you, do these children cursed the world for their fate?
Answer: I think yes, because they will be asking many why questions but later on they will realize that there are reasons why something happens and surely realize that it is for their goodness.
8.      Explain. “Maybe you were looking, but you just don’t see.”
Answer: A very simple example is this. I am a student but I still violated some regulations in school of not wearing proper uniform.
9.      Being a student, what help have you done and can you do to your society?
Answer:  Today I do not consider myself totally helping my society but I know that someday I can find myself to those people in needs, reaching their arms for this is what our Lord wanted us to do. To help and strengthen one another.

C.     Striking Part

a.       This part strikes me most because this image represents hopelessness. Regardless of trying hard to crawl his way out he is ready to give up his life from poverty. Sudan is one of the voices of the society, silently yearning and struggling for the attention of the public. This photograph is taken by Kevin Carter who received a Pulitzer price award but after 3 months he committed suicide because of depression. Even though Carter gain an award or we can say a victory on his career. All these award becomes seeming less because there was still someone out there who needs help. We are always thinking always on our own selves but we always forgot other people who are not in a good status of life. We forgot them to give some help. We became selfish, coward and even stain of the society.
I found out that POVERTY is the most pressing problem of the society. But we shouldn’t forget that we are never alone. We should always feel God’s presence because His strength is always of help when we need Him. His fullness of love pours out to everybody and all we have to do is to recognize Him and have faith. Jesus dines with us, all of us and there is nothing more than we could ask for. And don’t forget what the scripture says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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