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Sunday 19 July 2015

Philippines| Forms of Communication

Philippine Communication

PH 2 Forms of Communication

1.      Modern
The rapid growth of technology makes communication much easier. Today technological devices such as computer, cellphones, and tablet greatly contribute due to its user friendly functionality, and with the use of internet that glooms in this days, the transfer of data such as images, documents as well as private information made with ease. With just a millisecond you can search and found anything you wanted to. With the modern technology it helps improve the traditional communication like television, telephone and radio, in internet there is also a live streaming, websites offers radio services, free sms, video calling and a lot of more.
2.      Traditional
The Philippines has 82 daily newspapers. Many are published in Manila in both Filipino and English. The Manila Bulletin, founded in 1900, is the longest-running daily newspaper. Other large-circulation dailies include Abante, People Tonight, Ang Pilipino Ngayon, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Tempo. Some regional publications are written in local languages, including Ilocano, Hiligaynon, and Cebuano. The official Islamic news journal is The Voice of Islam, founded in 1973 and published in Davao. Freedom of the press is guaranteed under the constitution. The country has an extensive broadcasting system, with hundreds of radio stations and several national television networks. 

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