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Sunday 9 August 2015

The Past of PH Today: August 09, 1876, Josephine Bracken

Jose Rizal's Dear and Unhappy Wife.

Josephine Bracken was born on August 9, 1876 in Victoria Hong Kong from Irish parents. She became wife of Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The two had met in Hongkong where Rizal worked as ophthalmologist and they fell in love and lived together while Rizal was in political exile there. They had a child named Fransico Rizal y Bracken who was buried n Dapitan. After Rizal's execution on December 30, 1896 on charges of treason, rebellion and sedition by the Spanish colonial government in Bagumbayan (Luneta), Manila, Bracken joined the Filipino revolutionaries for a time. She was later summoned before the Spanish governor-general, threatened with torture and imprisonment if she did not leave the Philippines, so she voluntarily returned to Hong Kong in 1898. In Hongkong she married Vicente Abad, a Cebuano mestizo who represented his father's Tabacalera Company in Hong Kong. Bracken died of tuberculosis on March 15, 1902.

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