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Sunday 9 August 2015

Dubsmash, say it with video.


Dubbers around the world have spread the fun across 192 countries! Already 50,000,000 +.

Dubsmash - is a mobile app to create short selfie videos. At Dubsmash dubsmash say it with video. It is the love for video and the passion for quotes that have brought dubsmash team together and kept going since day one. Millions of people are using dubsmash platform every day and made it  mission to help them keep spreading the fun across all continents.

Dubsmash app was officially launched on November 19, 2014. Its founders are Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik.

Select a Sound. Finding your favorite sounds on Dubsmash is easy! You can discover sounds by browsing through the Soundboard categories or you can find specific sounds by using our search function

Start Dubbing. Once you are satisfied with the chosen sound, just click on it to start Dubbing. Let your imagination take over and don’t be afraid to add filters or text to make it even better!

Be a Dubber. Why keep all the fun to yourself? You can share your Dubs with just your friends or be brave and share it with the whole world!
How to upload. Through Dubsmash Dubloader – use to upload your own sound.

You can download dubsmash app on google store and apple itunes. Official dubsmash blog: ww.theofficialdubsmashblog.tumblr.com/. Official dubsmash fan page: www.facebook.com/dubsmashapp. Dubsmash on twitter: twitter.com/dubsmashapp

Dubsmash Philippines

Inquirer.net. Celebrities engage in a nonstop Dubsmash challenge. The art of lip syncing has been around for ages, but it was only until recently that aspiring actors and singers alike were given the opportunity (or more like the platform) to broadcast their hidden talents in the said field.Thanks to the mobile application Dubsmash, the one that you see a lot in your Facebook news feed and Instagram dashboard, that anyone with a smartphone can now belt out their favorite songs without strangling a single vocal cord for it, or pretend to be their favorite movie character without missing an inch of the very emotion expressed by their acting hero.With Dubsmash, all you will need is a line or two from your favorite song or movie, and your over-the-top dubbing skills, and then you’re good to go.

Rappler collects some of the funniest dubsmashes to help you discover the different ways you can use this app for major laughs! Who knows? You might just be the next Dubsmash superstar.

1. Discover the Diva in you
No more singing in the bathroom, gulping barrels of salabat (ginger tea), and doing out-of-this-word vocal exercises! Get your dream voice straight from your idol, literally!

2. Get the accent you've always wanted
Kiss your local accent goodbye and say hello to your dream twang with just a few taps. Feeling like a Brit today? Dubsmash it. American? Dubsmash away! Martian? If you can find a recording, why not?

3. Make babysitting fun
Stuck with nanny duties? Worry not! These dubsmashers found a way to literally make baby cries music to their ears.

4. Star in your favorite movie – your own way

Think that you could have done better than the actress/actor in your favorite movie? Then here's your chance to prove yourself!

The First DubSmash Competition in the Philippines brought to you by Infinity Ad Solutions and Services Co. Supported and permitted by Mobile Motion GmbH the Creator and Service provider of DubSmash Application.

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