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Saturday 8 August 2015

UK researcher artificially developed a new and advance replacement for damaged knee meniscus.

Orthonika Researchers and Sierrra MedTech Company collaborated to developed an artificial substitute for damaged knee meniscus.

Meniscus, medial knee: The word "meniscus" refers to a crescent-shaped structure. The medial meniscus of the knee is a thickened crescent-shaped cartilage pad between the two joints formed by the femur (the thigh bone) and the tibia (the shin bone). The meniscus acts as a smooth surface for the joint to move on. The knee meniscus is a structure that supports the mechanical integrity of the knee and helps to distribute impact.

The Problem. Meniscal tearing is a very common injury and often leads to severe pain, restricted movement, and osteoarthritis. These tears occur most often in athletes and the elderly and rarely heal. There are treatments such as human tissue implants, but they are not widely available and it is still not clear if they are effective.

Solution. According to the team from Imperial College London, patients who have damaged their knees could in the future get help from a new artificial meniscus being developed. Now, researchers at Orthonika, a new business created by Imperial scientists jointly with the company Sierra MedTech, are developing an artificial knee meniscus that mimics the complex fibrous structure of real ones, which is able to cope with the high stresses and loads associated with the knee.

The meniscus has an extremely complex structure and is subject to high stresses. It needs to be both elastic and strong, capable of adapting to an individual's movement. Professors Andrew Amis, who led the project said, "Our team have studied the structure of a natural meniscus and how it reacts to different forces to design a substitute that would function like a natural meniscus. We have also designed a surgical insertion procedure and related instruments, such as a secure means of fixation to the bone,".

The Orthonika will be to further advance and test knee meniscus designs as their next step.

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