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Thursday 30 June 2016

How to apply new NBI Clearance Online. Step by step process.

Note: The guide below is the recent 2016 steps for APPLYING your NEW NBI Clearance before the latest update of the site this 2017. To see the latest guide for YOUR NBI CLEARANCE APPLICATION. Click this link: APPLY NEW NBI CLEARANCE GUIDE

New NBI Registration Online. 

This sample is referring to a person that is single with a purpose of VISA SEAMAN ABROAD.
There is no need to verify your email once you sign-up with this new online registration so you may use imaginary email. Use to remember your email address and pwd during sign-up.
I hope that this process may guide you well in getting your first NBI Clearance.
Thank you.

Type on your browser.

You need to sign up. Click SIGN UP

REGISTER will pop-up then choose under APPLICATION TYPE "NEW"

NEW APPLICANT form will appear. Just type the information provided. Jump to the next image.

After proving the information type your email address and password. You will use this later and remember not to forget it. Then click I ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICE.

Read the Terms of Service. Click I AGREE.

Then you may now click the SIGN IN button.

Error: Oh! the email has already taken. Jump to next image.

Change your email address. You may use an imaginary email. Then Sign In again.

Once successful you will return to the NBI site homepage. Now, you need to click SIGN IN.

Type your email address and password you used during Sign Up. Click Sign In.

This is your NBI Profile with MENU's of Application, Transaction and Contact Us. Just continue providing your information. And then jump to the next image.

After providing your information. At the bottom part you will see SAVE INFORMATION. Just click it once you done.

Ok Profile Successfully Saved! If you need to edit again, just click EDIT INFORMATION on the upper right part of the Application.


You will prompt to type your valid ID that will present for verification. Note to bring this document. Then click I AGREE.

Read Important Reminder then close it once you're done.

Provide the information by selecting your NBI Branch, clicking AM or PM button for appointment schedule, your purpose and purpose detail. You will see at the right side your Particular, Appointment schedule and the payment option. Jump to the next image.

Review your information. See next image.

Once you're done just click any button from the payment option but this time click BAYAD CENTER.

Read Payment Confirmation. Click PROCEED.

Read again your transactions summary and appointment schedule. Click Proceed to Payment.

Remember your reference number. You will use it upon payment.

Read payment instructions. It's up to you if you print this out. But what is only important is your reference number. That's it your done. If you want to see your transaction made on your profile see next images.

Click Transction and you will see your pending payment. See Actions on the third column. If you want to confirm your payment click CONFIRM PAYMENT.

Just type the information needed. Click Confirm.

Thank you for reading NBI tutorial. Hope it will guide you in getting your NBI clearance. Thank you.

NBI Clearance Video Links:

The video links below will help and guide you better.

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