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Sunday 3 July 2016

Philippine History|Two significant events in July 03, La Liga Filipina...

Dr. Jose Rizal and La Liga Filipina.

Dr. Jose Rizal founded and inaugurated the La Liga Filipina at house No. 176 Ilaya St., Tondo in the night of July 3, 1892. La Liga Filipina  a civic movement aimed at reuniting Filipinos to act together for reforms and autonomy from the unjust administration of the Spaniards. Its constitution declared the ends, form, duties of members and officials, rights of members and officials, the investment of funds, and general rules.

Rizal wrote that the purposes of the Liga were union, encouragement of commerce, industry, etc., because I understood and I understand that a people cannot have liberties without having first material prosperity; that to have liberties without having food to eat is to listen to speeches and to fast.

There were five purposes for which the Liga was established:
(a) To unite the whole Archipelago into one compact, vigorous, and homogeneous body
(b) Mutual protection in every case of trouble and need
(c) Defense against every violence and injustice
(d) Development of education, agriculture, and commerce (e) Study and implementation of reforms

It had been a busy Sunday. After meeting Governor-General Despujol that morning in Malacañang, Rizal kept another appointment later in the evening in a house in Tondo owned by Doroteo Ongjungco, a freemason. About 30 people were present—a mélange of Filipino intellectuals like Rizal, businessmen and property owners like Ongjungco and Ambrosio Salvador, and future revolutionaries like Deodato Arellano and Andres Bonifacio. The agenda of that evening’s meeting was to craft the clandestine society La Liga Filipina (henceforth, the Liga). All who were present unanimously accepted the Liga and its statutes. However, three days later, on July 6, 1892, Rizal was arrested and by the next day the order for his deportation leaked in the press. A week later, on July 15 at one o’clock in the morning, he was aboard the Cebu on his way to Dapitan. The spirit of the Liga died at the same time the ship softly slipped away in the darkness toward the southern horizon. (Karl Robert L. Jandoc1) 

Historians have debated the true aims of the Liga. O. D. Corpuz, for instance, calls the Liga the “Bridge to the Katipunan.” He opines that Rizal had designed its statutes so that the society would rest on a popular base. This base would be made up of people’s councils, organized by pueblos or districts. [Corpuz 2006:249]

Britain's Prince Charles in the country.

Britain's Prince Charles arrived in the Philippines in July 3, 1997 aboard the royal yacht Britannica.
During the Malacanang ceremony, Prince Charles, flanked by President Fidel Ramos and his wife, received two tarsiers from a covered basket and briefly held one of them in the palm of his hand before returning the animal to its caretaker.


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