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Saturday 2 July 2016

Quick List Metro Manila Bus Operator 2015

Here are the List of Metro Manila Bus Operator in the year 2015.

Overall there are 180 Metro Manila bus operator with a total of 5,057 units from the record of LTFRB as of 2015. Every bus operator has it's own case number with one to many units. And many operators have many different case numbers with more units. For instance, De Guia Enterprises Inc. has 13 different case number and has a total of 142 units. See bus operators below.
  1. A and B Liner Inc.
  2. Admiral Transport Corporation
  3. Admiral Transport Inc.
  4. Aerobus Transport Corporation
  5. AJ Sampaguita Liner Company
  6. Alabang Metro Link Bus
  7. Alabang Transport Service Coop Inc.
  8. Alejandro Irene
  9. Alejandro Irene/Arabia Boy Express
  10. ALRO Transport Corporation
  11. Apex Commuter Transport Service Inc.
  12. ARR Transportation Inc.
  13. Baclaran Metro Link Bus
  14. Bagong Buhay Transport Service Cooperative
  15. Bagong Buhay Transport Service Cooperative Inc.
  16. Barreto Roberto A
  17. Bataan Transit Bus Co.
  18. Batangas Starexpress Corporation
  19. BBL Trans System Inc.
  20. BCB Transport Inc.
  21. Bensan Transport Corporation
  22. Bonifacio Transport Corporation
  23. Bovjen Transport Services
  24. Bus Operator Transport Service Coop
  25. Buslink Transport Inc.
  26. Cabais Alfredo B Jr.
  27. Cabais Alfredo B Jr. (Engr)
  28. Cando Jimmy Q (Heirs)
  29. Cando Marita D
  30. Cando-Valisno Rosalinda M
  31. Carating Alberto
  32. Carating Alberto C
  33. Cemtrans Services Inc.
  34. Cendana Asuncion C
  35. Chang Angelito A
  36. Chang Angelito A(CPC Cancelled)
  37. Cher Transport Corporation
  38. Cher Transport Development Service Cooperative
  39. CIGN Transport Corporation
  40. City Bus Inc.
  41. City Link Coach Services Inc.
  42. Claro Belinda D
  43. Commuters Bus Corporation
  44. Corimba Express Inc.
  45. Crisologo Armando L
  46. Darj Trans Company
  47. De Guia Enterprises Inc.
  48. Del Monte City Transport Corporation
  49. Dela Rosa Transit Corporation
  50. Delos Santos Petracion
  51. Delta Transport Inc.
  52. E and E Royal Couple Bus Inc.
  53. Earth Star Express Inc.
  54. Eastern Metropolitan Bus Corporation
  55. Eastman Transport Corporation
  56. EJRC Marikina Transit Inc.
  57. Erjohn and Almark Transit
  58. ES Transport Inc.
  59. Eugenio Rozalino V
  60. Everlasting Transport Co.
  61. Fermina Express Corporation
  62. Fides Express Inc.
  63. Franchesca Mae Grajiel Transport Inc.
  64. Franvill Transit Inc.
  65. Funride Transport Corporation
  66. Genesis Transport Service Inc.
  67. Gloren Transport Service Inc.
  68. Green Frog 2E Transport Corporation
  69. Green Star Bus Co. Inc.
  70. Guardian Angels Bus Line Inc.
  71. H M Transport Inc.
  72. Hill Top Tours Inc.
  73. Hi-Star Inc.
  74. Imperial Eagle Transport Service Corporation
  75. Ismael Bus Lines Inc.
  76. Jackpherlyn Transport Corporation
  77. Jasper Jean Liner Inc.
  78. Jasper Jean Services Inc.
  79. Jayross L S Tours Bus Co. Inc.
  80. Jell Transport Inc.
  81. JKJ Transit Express Corporation
  82. JMA Transport Service Corporation
  83. JNL Paet Transport Company
  84. Joannajesh Transport Corporation
  85. Joaquin Grace
  86. Joaquin Grace M
  87. Joyselle Express Inc.
  88. JRMS Golden Sky Transport Inc.
  89. Kellen Transport Inc.
  90. King Sam Express Inc.
  91. Laguna Star Bus Transportation Systems
  92. Laguna Starbus Transportation System Inc.
  93. Lippad Wendell M
  94. Lopez Josephine C
  95. Luzon Bus Inc.
  96. Mababangloob Elenita C
  97. Mac Lines Inc.
  98. Ma-Fel Transit Corporation
  99. Magicline Express Corporation
  100. Malanday Metro Link Bus
  101. Maluto Transportation and Travel Corporation
  102. Manahan Lydia
  103. Mannrose Liner Inc.
  104. Marikina Auto Line Transport Corporation
  105. Marikina Auto Line Transport Corporation (Maltc)
  106. Mayamy Transport Corporation
  107. Mayamy Transport Inc.
  108. Meneses Edgardo S
  109. Mersan Snow White Transport Corporation
  110. Mimay Edgardo D
  111. MJ Sunville Transport Company
  112. N S Transport Service Inc.
  113. N S Transport Services Inc.
  114. Nafti Multi-Purpose Cooperative
  115. Nafti Mutli-Purpose Cooperative
  116. Naia Metro Link Bus
  117. Newman Gold Liner Inc.
  118. Newman Goldliner Inc.
  119. Nicholas Albert Transport Inc.
  120. Nova Auto Transport Inc.
  121. Nuestra Senora Del Carmen
  122. Nuestra Senora Del Carmen Transport Service Inc.
  123. Original Transport Service Cooperative
  124. P B T Pitbull Bus Transport Corporation
  125. P V Pajarillo Liner Inc.
  126. Palma Eduardo L
  127. Pamana Transport Services Inc.
  128. Pana Sergio S
  129. Pandacan Transport Service Multi-Purpose
  130. Pascual Liner Inc.
  131. Penalosa Margarito G
  132. Phil Touristers Inc.orporated
  133. Philippians Bus Lines Inc.
  134. Prado Alberto
  135. PrInc.e Transport Inc.
  136. Rainbow Express Inc.
  137. Rbm Grand Rally Transport Inc.
  138. Regal Starliner Transport Service Inc.
  139. Reinalyn Bus Lines Corporation
  140. Rov Transport Service Inc.
  141. Roval Transport Corporation
  142. Roval Transport Inc.
  143. Roval Transprt Corporation
  144. RRCG Transport System Co. Inc.
  145. RS Master Inc.
  146. Ruiz Marites G and Ruiz Cerilo C SPS
  147. Safeway Bus Lines Inc.
  148. Saint Rose Transit Inc.
  149. Sampaguita Transport Inc.
  150. San Agustin Transport Service Corporation
  151. Santos Severino
  152. Santrans Corporation
  153. Santrans Inc.
  154. Seven Sky Express Liner Corporation
  155. Simundac Giovani P
  156. Solid Star Transport Services
  157. Solid Star Transport Services Inc.
  158. Sotero Pablito L
  159. South Union Liner Inc.
  160. Sta Maria Mercelita
  161. Sta Maria Mercelita J
  162. Sta Rita Transport Corporation
  163. Sunajo Judy G
  164. Taguig Metro Link Bus Corporation
  165. Tas Transport Corporation
  166. Thelman Transit Inc.
  167. Torres Arsenia S
  168. Torres Jacinto F
  169. Universal Guiding Star Bus Line Corporation
  170. Urbano Armi
  171. Urbano Armi V
  172. V-1 Bus Lines Inc.
  173. Valisno Rosalinda Manabat
  174. Vil 5000 Inc.
  175. Villanueva Marcos T
  176. Viofel Transport Inc.
  177. Voyager Express Liner Inc.
  178. White Dove Transport Corporation
  179. Worthy Transport Inc.
  180. Yohance Express Inc.

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