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Tuesday 27 December 2016

Filipino cyclist Galedo is sensing a better run in 2017.

Seasoned cyclist Mark Galedo is hoping to fetch more honors to the Philippines in the succeeding year.

Mark John Lexer Galedo (31) was born on 11th September 1985. He is part of the 2016 7 Eleven-Sava RBP team and 7 Eleven - Roadbike Philippines for the year 2017. The team is scheduled to compete in the Herald Sun Tour to be held in Melbourne, Australia on February 1-5, 2017. For a week he is taking a rest and will resume his training next month before leaving for the New Zealand Cycle Classic slated to be held on January 22-26. From New Zealand, the team will proceed to Melbourne.

“I have mixed emotions about the coming Herald Sun Tour,” said Galedo. He also added, “I am excited but also pressured to perform my best, especially to the Filipino community in Australia.”

“Wala naman sa edad yun, nasa disiplina, training at focus kung ano talaga ang iyong goal... Hindi porke may edad ka na ay babagsak na ang iyong career (It is not in the age. It's in the discipline, training and focus on your goal... Just because you are advanced in years does not mean your career is over),” said Galledo.

Galedo Top Race and ranks

  • 5th Jelajah Malaysia, 2016
  • Tour of Guam
  • 3rd Hell of Marianas
  • 2nd GC Le Tour de Filipinas, 2015
  • 3rd Tour of Borneo, 2015
  • 2x 2nd National Championships Philippines - Road Race, 2015
  • 1st Le Tour de Filipinas, 2014
  • 1st Le Tour de Filipinas, 2014
  • 2nd Sea Games Myanmar – ITT, 2013

Team 7 Eleven - Roadbike Philippines 2017 Riders

  1. BERRY Josh
  2. EVERS Craig
  3. EWART Jesse
  4. FELIPE Marcelo
  5. GALEDO Mark John Lexer
  6. LIM Rustom
  7. MARTIN Nelson
  8. MARTIN Bonijoe
  9. NIETO Edgar Nohales
  10. PERALTA Ar-jay
  11. PEREZ Dominic   

Team 7 Eleven-Sava RBP Riders 2016

  1.  CAYUBIT Boots Ryan
  2.  EWART Jesse
  3.  FELIPE Marcelo
  4.  GALEDO Mark John Lexer
  5.  LAMPAWOG Jay
  6.  LIM Rustom (from 25/07)
  7.  MARTIN Nelson
  8.  MARTIN Bonijoe (from 25/07)
  9.  NIETO Edgar Nohales
  10.  PERALTA Ar-jay
  11.  PEREZ Dominic
  12.  QUITOY Roel
  13.  RAVINA Jonipher
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