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Thursday 19 July 2018

How to Request for SALN?

Now in the Philippines SALN or State of Assets, Liabilities Net Worth has given way to inform in public as virtue of transaprency in government public officials. Backed-up by the "Guidelines on Public Access to SALNs (Memorandum Circular 03, Series of 2012)" the office of the Ombudsman open a service on how to avail for SALN. To know more about the service, let's first know some of the important questions.
Who may avail of this service?
  1. Any requesting party as it pertains to his/her personal SALN
  2. Authorized representative of the party concerned
  3. Students, for study purposes
  4. Members of the media
  5. Others not mentioned subject to the approval of the OMB Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)

What are the Requirements?
  1. SALN Request Form [Download here]
  2. Two (2) government issued ID
  3. Authorization Letter or Special Power of Attorney for representative

Duration or Process of Request

  • Sixty (60) minutes
  • The total processing time is 60 minutes for one SALN year per employee.

The information is courtesy of the OMBUDSMAN.

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