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Tuesday 12 November 2019

The difference between CS Professional & Subprofessional Eligibility?

Q: What level of Career Service Examination should I take?

A: The level of exam you should take depends on which type of eligibility you want to acquire.

Passing the CS Subprofessional Exam earns you a CS Subprofessional Eligibility, while passing the CS Professional Exam earns you a CS Professional Eligibility.

Those with Subprofessional Eligibility are qualified to enter the first level of government service, while those with Professional Eligibility may join the first and second levels.

The first level includes clerical, trades, crafts, and custodial service positions that involve non-professional or sub-professional work requiring less than four years of college studies.

The second level covers professional, technical and scientific positions that involve professional, technical, or scientific work requiring at least four years of college studies.

Q: Can a person without college degree take the CS Professional Exam?

A: Yes. There is no education requirement for taking the CS Exam. Non-degree holders are not barred from acquiring Professional Eligibility, which is appropriate for positions in both the first level AND second level.

However, in order to qualify for a vacant position, job applicants must be able to meet all the qualification standards (composed of education + experience + training + eligibility) of the position.

Source: CS Official Page

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