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Wednesday 27 November 2019

Trending: "Salamat Idol Raffy Tulfo" by Ace Escalante.

A pasasalamat song composed by a rapper Ace Escalante has gone viral to the social media as support to Mr. Raffy Tulfo after the controversy of the latter and as a commentator of "Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo" program on a case of a teacher and a student wherein it gains negative feedback to the netizen after his judgement to make the teacher resign and revoke her license.

While Mr. Tulfo is in the midst of this, a rapper Escalante composed a song dedicated to his idol Raffy Tulfo and according to him, this song is just to remind the netizens of the many things Mr. Tulfo had helped the Filipino in many aspects of their life. It is his way of giving support to his idol Raffy Tulfo.

For the interview and to hear the song, kindly watch this video below:

Video is courtesy of: Raffy Tulfo in Action Youtube Channel

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